Music Monday // The Drums

Hello everyone!

This weekend I discovered a band called The Drums. They are not a ‘new’ band, and I don’t know why but I came across them and love their music!

The Drums are an American indie pop band from Brooklyn, New York and I think their music is very upbeat and if you like ‘indie’ music then this will hopefully be right up your street as it is mine!

I love all of their songs but because they are a very recent discovery for me I don’t have any stand out favourites other than ‘Money’ and ‘Lets go surfing’.

I feel like ‘Let’s go surfing’ may ring a bell to some of you if you listen to it as I think it was on a car advert. I don’t know why but I really recognise it! If you have any idea please let me know, but I love the song anyway!

I really hope you decide to give The Drums a listen because I love them at the moment and I think that its great discovering new artists/bands especially in the depressing month of January as it really cheers me up!

Bye! xxx


New Makeup Storage and Collection!

Hey everybody!

Now the time has finally come. I have actually bothered to sort out my makeup storage and organise my dressing table!

I own the Ikea malm dressing table which I adore, however although it fits a lot, the drawer underneath doesn’t come out very far. Any owners of the Malm will know this and many have done fancy DIY things to make the drawer come out further but I just don’t have the time or skills (mainly skills) to do that. So as my collection of makeup has uncontrollably grown, my Malm just isn’t cutting it anymore which is really sad..

Alas! Never fear! Due to my lack of satisfaction at my organisation and storage, I took matters into my own hands (not that they were in anyone elses..) and headed over to the trusty ikea website where I found myself the ‘HELMER’- a set of 6 metal drawers with silver handles, available in white, red and silver. I opted for white as it fits in beautifully next to my white malm and matches all other furniture in my room.

My and my Dad drove down to ikea and picked HELMER up for just £25 and then (with A LOT of help from my sister) I put them together and slotted them into the gap between my dressing table and wardrobe.


Then came the fun part! I got to fill all 6 drawers with all my makeup and beauty products, aswell as arrange pretty things on top!

I will be the first to say that by no means is my makeup collection as stunning or as large as many others I have seen and it is still not perfectly organised, but I love it the way it is at the moment and am so happy I have HELMER in my life!


On top of my malm dressing table I have added a few bits and bobs, the main one being this vintage typewriter from my dad which I love as it makes a really bold and quirky addition to the room. I also have a bird cage tealight holder, a glass container filled with cotton pads, a cute elephant ring holder and my glasses!


On the other end of the MALM is another pretty tealight holder, a vintage style (can you see a theme!?) jewellery stand and a mirrored set of 3 drawers which hold random bits and bobs like hairbands and earrings. On top I have a blue earring pot, a silver bird with hair bobbles in, my LUSH bubblegum lip scrub and a nivea lip butter.


On top of HELMER I have a white fabric box thing which holds all of my hair products and body sprays etc. I then have my makeup brushes in a typical ikea brush holder which everyone and their mother owns (my mum doesn’t actually have one though..) and then I have my 2 body butters (soap and glory righteous butter and the body shop shea butter) 3 out of my 5 baby lips (the rest are in my school blazer!) and the small pink box has my infinity ring which my best friend gave to me for Christmas.


The first drawer of HELMER is my ‘everyday’ drawer so if I am feeling a bit boring I can get all my makeup out of this one drawer. I have my 3 favourite foundations (healthy mix, wake me up and match perfection), an MUA primer and my garnier BB cream (I don’t think you can actually see it in this picture). I then have my concealers (natural collection, 2x lasting perfections, jemma kidd, and my NEW BENEFIT ERASE PASTE AHHH!- don’t worry I will do a post on this shortly). I have my seventeen backlash gel eyeliner, my sleek contour kit, barry m natural dazzle bronzer (underneath), bourjois delice de soleil bronzer, chit chat blush and highlighter and rimmel stay matte powder. I have a selection of eyeliners which I use often in varying colours, I also have my rimmel brow pencil and exaggerate eye primer. Finally I have a clear mascara and Maybelline the falsies mascara which I am using lots at the moment.


The next drawer is a slightly random one. I have put a drawer organiser (which I think I bought from the Range ages ago but you can get anywhere) in here to keep everything neat and tidy. In the front row I have my dream matte mousse, a natural collection powder and my Sally Hansen nail growth serum. I then have mainly eyeshadows so starting from the left I have 4 MUA single eyeshadows and 2 H&M ones. I them have 4 NYC mono eyeshadows and finally to the right I have my Maybelline Colour Tattoo collection which I love! Behind them I have 4 dazzle dusts and then my carmex and some tweezers. Next to that I have some randoms including loreal, dainty doll and natural collection. Behind I have some mini palettes from L&B and then I have my topshop blush in ‘pop’ and an MUA blush. I have my bourjois sharpner and some old concealers aswell as a body shop perfume, some glitter and a random lip gloss filling the rest of the drawer.


In the third drawer I keep a few old foundations and a tinted moisturiser aswell as all my palettes. Behind that I have some unused palettes and a ‘so susan’ bronzer which is very dark! In the handmade organiser (a shoe box wrapped in wrapping paper!) to the right I keep the rest of my eyeliners and mascaras.


I think this one is my favourite drawer! At the front I have all my lip products including some lipstains, glosses and lipsticks. My favourites are the apocalips and the boujois colour boosts aswell as all my baby pink lipsticks as I am loving this colour at the moment. Behind them I have a box filled with my nail varnishes and then I have some nail glue and tools etc next to that.


The penultimate drawer of Helmer is dedicated to skincare. My skincare is seriously lacking at the moment and I haven’t updated my selection for months (don’t panic its on my mental to-do list) so this drawer is looking a little sparse. I have some simple makeup wipes, some superdrug cleanser and toner, a couple of moisturisers, boots eye gel, Neutrogena clay mask and then at the back I have some unused lip products and fancy tissues!


The final drawer is pretty boring. It holds makeup bags, extra cotton pads and all my yankee candles which I have yet to burn! The candy cane thing is the top of a jar which holds the yankee candle wax melts which have been used but not finished :) I also have the wheels of Helmer because I decided not to put them on to stop it moving around.

So there you go! There is my updated makeup storage and makeup collection, I hope you enjoyed it- I personally love looking at makeup collections!

Lots of love



Music Monday (on a tuesday again!) // Beyonce

Well hello there everyone!

Of course I forgot to post on a Monday yet again! I have a valid excuse this time- I had yoga straight after school which finishes at 6pm and then I had to start the mammoth task of weighing out all of my ingredients and getting equipment ready for my food exam which was today. (The exam went so well and I am really pleased…in case any of you were wondering!)

But alas, I have been looking forward to this weeks edition because the single I have been LOVING this week has been ‘Drunk in Love’ by Beyoncé and Jay-Z.
I literally have been listening to this song non stop recently, I am just obsessed with it!

I also love the song ‘XO’ by Beyoncé, both of which were released as part of her visual album in December I believe.

Have a lovely rest of the week! xxx

School Makeup- Winter Edition.

Well hello there everyone,

Now I have felt bad for pretty much the whole of January because of how badly my blogging is going. One of my new years resolutions was to be more dedicated to my blog as I feel like I can sometimes forget about it or upload posts that I am not completely happy with just for the sake of uploading it. I have also been extremely busy and stressed with school work and very very tired aswell. Blogging takes a lot longer than you may think, after thinking of an idea, getting the products ready, photographing them and then uploading the photos and writing the post (especially as my internet connection is not the best!) it does take a good couple of hours at least which is hard to find sometimes! Anyway I wont complain any more as I am sure you are bored of hearing about it and so without further ado…

So far I have only written two posts this year! That’s crazy considering we are already halfway through January. So today I got home from school and had to think for a long time about what to blog about. I didn’t want to do another favourites because that was what my last  beauty post was about and I haven’t bought any new products in what seems like forever so I couldn’t do a haul. Also I really haven’t been experimental with my makeup so far this year and so don’t have anything which I feel I could write a good review about. However I decided that because I have been back at school for a couple of weeks now I have settled into an everyday(ish)  routine using products which are easy and basic but still look nice. Therefore I am going to share with you these products in the hope that some of you may find it interesting or useful and that it may give those of you who go to school or prefer slightly more simple makeup a bit of inspiration…


As you can see there are not a huge amount of products which I use for school especially as I am definitely not a morning person and usually get up with about 40 minutes or less to get ready for school. I obviously have a bit of variation each day but all of these I use regularly if not everyday.


For my main ‘face’ products, I use the Bourjois healthy mix foundation (shade 52-Vanilla) -sorry its so dirty and the writing’s rubbed off! Alternatively, if I want slightly less coverage I may opt for my garnier BB cream but to be honest that’s more of a summer favourite for me.

For concealer of course it will be no surprise to hear that I am still devoted to my Collection lasting perfection concealer (shade 2 light). I am now onto my 3rd bottle and I have used this all through 2013! It covers blemishes really well aswell as under my eyes however I do find that I need a couple of layers under my eyes to even begin to cover my dark circles!

The only powder I use and love is the Rimmel stay matte powder. Again this isn’t particularly surprising, but I couldn’t live without powder for school as it keeps my makeup in place for slightly longer, makes it all blend together and look more natural and mattifies my face. I always keep a powder in my blazer pocket for a touch up at lunchtime aswell as this can just give your makeup a little lift throughout the day!


A product which I could not live without is my Sleek contour kit (light). I use this everyday for contouring as it looks natural but defines the face and I just think it improves my makeup massively (but it depends on your face shape and style of course). I wouldn’t say I am a huge fan of the highlighter although I do use it everyday, I just feel that it isn’t massively pigmented but for school it is perfect. The bronzer is amazing and doesn’t look orange or muddy and it really does slim down your face to give a contoured effect.

I don’t do my brows everyday as I don’t think it is completely necessary for school, but if I have time I prefer to fill them in slightly with my Rimmel Professional eyebrow pencil (shade 002-hazel) I think it makes my eyebrows look bolder and more put together but it is easy to make them look too drawn on so make sure to press lightly and use it sparingly if you are not used to filling in your eyebrows. I love how this has a brow brush on the end because it tones down the boldness and makes them look more natural.


I normally use a liquid eyeliner pen for school but unfortunately my cheap asda one has just run out (it was rather good though!). So instead I have now started using my Seventeen Backlash gel eyeliner on a more regular basis. I have to admit I do find this slightly harder than using a pen purely because you have to make sure you keep topping up the brush before applying it which you don’t have to worry about with a pen. I do have to say however, that it does last longer and does not do any flaky or fading business which is always annoying, and also it gives a nicer finish in my opinion.

I like to line half way along my waterline when I wear eyeliner (although this is an ‘only-when-you-want-a-bit-more-drama’ optional step)and to do this I have actually been using the Collection Eyeshadow Pencil in the shade ‘Midnight Glam’. I wouldn’t have thought I would use an eyeshadow pen on my waterline but it actually works a lot better than most of my pencil eyeliners! Even though it is a sparkly silvery black it doesn’t come out silver or obviously sparkly/glittery when I apply this onto my waterline and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t smudge down under my eye which I hate as I usually don’t notice that my eyeliner has smudged until I go to the bathroom and see how horrendous I look! This does not do that and it lasts all day in the right place which is perfect! Another great thing about this (well, this might aswell be a review by now haha) is that it is gorgeous to apply and doesn’t tug your eye or cause any discomfort or pain whatsoever :)

A mascara which I received in my stocking for Christmas and have wanted for aaaages, is the Maybelline The Falsies Mascara. I am loving this so far and after going back to my old mascara today I realised just how much of a difference it makes. It is obviously supposed to give the effect of false lashes (hence the name) and it does if you apply a couple of coats or are quite generous with application. This is great for nights out etc, however for school it is just as easy to apply this sparingly and it just looks really pretty! Not fake or spidery but curly and fluttery which is brilliant for school.



Lastly for lip products I have chosen two to share with you.

Firstly one I use pretty much everyday for school is of course my beloved Baby lips. This is my newest to the collection and it is the ‘Intense Care’ one. I also got this in my stocking for Christmas – thanks santa ;) This is perfect for school because not only does it hydrate lips immediately but makes them look really glossy (but not unnatural)  and just looks very pretty and simple on the lips.

However if you do want a bit of colour on the lips then I would recommend the Topshop Lipstick in Innocent. Its a really pretty baby pink shade which isn’t too pale and isn’t too dark. I think you could easily get away with wearing this to school (unless your school is really strict!) but I would recommend blending it in with your finger to make it look more natural. This also looks beautiful with a clear gloss over it.


So that is it for my Wintery back to school simple make up type thingy! I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful/interesting. If you want to read more about my opinion on most of these products I am pretty sure I have mentioned all of them (aside from the mascara and brow pencil) in other blog posts (probably my favourites) so go and hunt them down and leave some nice comments if you so wish!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end if you are here. I am quite happy with this post as I think the photography lighting was good for once and hopefully I didn’t blab on for too long!? Let me know if you enjoy things like this and please leave blog ideas below because I am a bit stuck at the moment!

Have a great Friday tomorrow and a fabulous weekend!

Love Izzy


Music Monday (but on Tuesday!) // Vampire Weekend

20140114-092110 pm.jpg

Hey everyone!
I am really sorry I have been rubbish at blogging so far this year!
I have been spending every spare minute either doing coursework, homework or textiles work which takes absolutely ages!
A word of advice for anyone about to take their GCSE options- Don’t take textiles!!!
Anyway I totally forgot about Music Monday yesterday so instead of skip a week I thought I would keep you updated but on a Tuesday instead!
I know they are not the newest band around but for the last couple of weeks I have been loving Vampire Weekend! I have heard most of their songs on the radio etc before but just never really listened to their full albums and so I downloaded them onto my phone and have loved listening to them.
Let me know if you are also a fan!
I might try to order one of their albums because I love having them in CD form aswell!