£1 Nails!?

Hey everyone,

Now I seriously cannot believe it is only 3 days until Christmas day!

I am not allowed to wear nail varnish to school which means that my nails lack attention most of the time. I bite my nails which is my worst habit and no matter how many times I try I just cant grow my nails! This is a constant source of annoyance for me but I don’t tend to focus on it until it comes to an event where I want my nails to look nice. In this case I am talking about Christmas.

I have wanted lovely long nails to paint red for Christmas since the beginning of December but didn’t give them enough time to grow. I have never got my nails done in a salon or bought fake nails however when I saw a friend on instagram post a picture of some red fake nails from primark and recommend how good they were, I thought I might give them a go.Image

I was even more persuaded when I went into primark and saw that they were only £1. ONE POUND! I could not believe it especially as they came in a variety of colours, they come in packs of 24 so you have 2 sets with 4 spare, and they come with glue.

I bought the red ones as they were the most Christmassy although I was tempted by some ombre sparkly blue ones (perhaps I will get them next time!)




All week I was just waiting for the holidays to start so that I could try out my nails (I know that’s pretty sad) and so this afternoon I set down to start the time consuming task of filing ten nails down to size. They started off pretty long and square however I didn’t want them to look tacky or obviously fake and so made them much shorter and rounded them off as I prefer this look. Image

To jazz them up a bit I painted over the nails with about 3 coats of glitter nail polish. I did the first coat before sticking the nails on which proved to be very difficult so once the nails were on my fingers I did the next couple of coats. Of course this is totally optional but I really love glitter nail polish especially at this time of year.


The nails were very easy to stick on and so far they have lasted really well. I have had them on for a few hours and I have just had a bath and they have stayed on.. well one fell off but I knew that would happen because I didn’t stick it on particularly well but the others were just fine :)


As you can see they are still quite short but if you prefer longer nails you could file them down less or just not at all!

I am interested to see how long they last but I would love them to stay until after boxing day. I still cant believe these were only £1!!! I have fallen for fake nails which I never thought I would! I think they look quite real and natural and are an amazing improvement on my actual nails!

Have you tried these nails?

Love Izzy


4 thoughts on “£1 Nails!?”

  1. Wow, what a bargain! They look lovely. I used to bite my nails when I was younger and I tried and tried to stop but just couldn’t kick it. Eventually I did without even trying and now I never do! xx

    Gemma // DuggyDimples


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