My first Etsy purchase!

Hey everyone,

I have recently fallen in love with a website called Etsy (link will be at the end of this post) which is a website where you can find really gorgeous things from a huge range of small businesses. Most are handmade so they make adorable gifts and a lot of ‘shop’ owners allow you to custom order their products meaning you can get your hands on personalised and original items which make them that little bit more special.

I made the most of this when looking for a present for my best friend Martha who always gets such lovely gifts but is so hard to buy for even though we’ve been best friends for 15 years!

I found a shop called ‘Little Shop of Hodge Podge’, owned by a lovely lady called Rebecca. She sells handmade jewellery made from real book pages but she ensures that no books are harmed by using ones nobody wants so that they can live on in the form of accessories!

As I was browsing her shop I found the perfect stud earrings which say Finnick Odair on them. If you have read/watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire you will know who this is. If not then you need to read them and he is one of the best characters in the hunger games! As Martha is obsessed.. I mean literally obsessed, with the Hunger Games and loves Finnick I thought these would suit her so well and so hopefully she will love them.. fingers crossed!



The earrings were only £4.55 (+P&P) and so I couldn’t resist getting some for myself! I know I probably shouldn’t have but I figured that because I was paying about £5 for postage and packaging (as they were from America) I might aswell get the most out of my order.

I contacted Rebecca and asked if she would be able to create some similar earrings but with the quote “Okay? Okay.” on them from The Fault In Our Stars (again a must-read!!!) one of my favourite books. She messaged me back and said that she would be happy to make them and that she had just got her hands on a copy of the book the previous day!Image

I was so happy and the Etsy messaging service made it so easy to talk to Rebecca and know what stage she was at with the earrings and when they were ready.

I have included some photos as I think they make such a great gift especially for a girly book worm (like Martha) without being too obvious like a book or some boring earrings! They are so original and I really hope she enjoys wearing them :)

If you haven’t visited Etsy before then I would definitely recommend taking a look as you can buy some lovely things from there and I will definitely be returning!

Here is a link:

What is the gift you are most excited about giving this Christmas?

Love Izzy



2 thoughts on “My first Etsy purchase!”

  1. Those are the best earrings ever, I love them so much!! I’ve never ordered from Etsy before because I never knew how reliable it was there if you weren’t from America, but it must be pretty good! I’m so jealous of those earrings, I’ve read both those books which just ahhhhhh I just love those earrings so much!xo


    1. I know they are so amazing! I gave them to my friend yesterday and she loves them so much!!! Yeah I was a little scared about ordering from there but they arrived really quickly and were exactly how the picture looked, however I guess it depends on the seller. I am glad you like them too and thanks for stopping by! xxx


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