It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas!

Hey everyone

On Sunday I was feeling very festive and so after a day of Christmas shopping I put on my fairy lights, lit a candle and settled down with a caramel hot chocolate ready to start one of my favourite parts of Christmas; wrapping presents

I thought I would take a few photos to share with you as I feel as though it is really starting to get Christmassy! Also I decorated my tree on Saturday but forgot to take a picture :( It definitely makes the house seem so cute and cosy especially when the fire is on and we are all curled up on the sofa :)



A Christmas present from a friend last year!  


I know this is a kid’s book but I read it every Christmas (aside from last year when I forgot.. I was devastated!) and it is so cute and festive :)



I bought this little Christmas tree from Tesco for about £3. It is actually covered in glitter but the camera didn’t really pick it up.Image

I forgot to take a picture of my Caramel hot chocolate before I drank it but it was delicious!


I bought this really pretty tart burner/ candle holder from the new Yankee store in town. It cost £4.95 and the tart burning inside is in the scent ‘Christmas eve’ which smells really lovely.


Because the tarts are currently on sale for 94p and I have suddenly become obsessed with candles, I bought 2 more in the scents ‘Snow in love’ and ‘Black Cherry’.



My wrapping equipment!


Yes it was very embarrassing going into poundland and buying 7 boxes of Malteasers and no they are not all for me!



As part of my secret santa I bought 3 Soap and Glory mini products as I think these always make really sweet gifts if you don’t know what to get someone. They are a lot cheaper than the big S&G products and are nearly always on 3 for 2!


Another offer I made the most of was Barry M’s get a limited edition nail varnish when you spend £6 or more. I bought the blue sparkly one for a friend and the far left shade (sort of sparkly purply copper coloured) for myself as I think it is a really beautiful colour. This meant that I got the middle sparkly silver polish free so I am going to give that one to my friend aswell :)


Messing around with the wrapping decorations! haha!

Have you started your wrapping yet? I have only wrapped the Malteasers so far!

Tonight’s job is writing my cards :D



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