Music Monday // Arctic Monkeys

I have loved the arctic monkeys for ages but recently I have started listening to their whole album more often and I am certainly glad I have! My favourites are 'why'd you only call me when your high' 'do I wanna know' and 'snap out of it' but I love all of them :D If… Continue reading Music Monday // Arctic Monkeys


£1 Nails!?

Hey everyone,Now I seriously cannot believe it is only 3 days until Christmas day!I am not allowed to wear nail varnish to school which means that my nails lack attention most of the time. I bite my nails which is my worst habit and no matter how many times I try I just cant grow… Continue reading £1 Nails!?

My first Etsy purchase!

Hey everyone,I have recently fallen in love with a website called Etsy (link will be at the end of this post) which is a website where you can find really gorgeous things from a huge range of small businesses. Most are handmade so they make adorable gifts and a lot of 'shop' owners allow you… Continue reading My first Etsy purchase!

Music Monday // Thumpers Thumpers are a band (I think they are a duo) which my sister introduced to me a couple of weeks ago and I am in love with them! I currently only have 3 of their songs on my ipod however I am going to hunt for more as I have been listening to them… Continue reading Music Monday // Thumpers

It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas!

Hey everyoneOn Sunday I was feeling very festive and so after a day of Christmas shopping I put on my fairy lights, lit a candle and settled down with a caramel hot chocolate ready to start one of my favourite parts of Christmas; wrapping presentsI thought I would take a few photos to share with… Continue reading It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas!

Music Monday // Coasts If you didn't know already, I am a huge fan of music and love discovering new artists or bands. Therefore I thought it would be a nice little idea for me to share some of my current favourite music with you in a 'Music Monday' series. I recently discovered a band called Coasts who… Continue reading Music Monday // Coasts