Music Monday // Arctic Monkeys

Music Monday // Arctic Monkeys

I have loved the arctic monkeys for ages but recently I have started listening to their whole album more often and I am certainly glad I have! My favourites are ‘why’d you only call me when your high’ ‘do I wanna know’ and ‘snap out of it’ but I love all of them :D

If you haven’t heard of the arctic monkeys then please listen to them as they are amazing!

I hope you had a fabulous Monday and have fun celebrating new year!

Izzy xxx


£1 Nails!?

Hey everyone,

Now I seriously cannot believe it is only 3 days until Christmas day!

I am not allowed to wear nail varnish to school which means that my nails lack attention most of the time. I bite my nails which is my worst habit and no matter how many times I try I just cant grow my nails! This is a constant source of annoyance for me but I don’t tend to focus on it until it comes to an event where I want my nails to look nice. In this case I am talking about Christmas.

I have wanted lovely long nails to paint red for Christmas since the beginning of December but didn’t give them enough time to grow. I have never got my nails done in a salon or bought fake nails however when I saw a friend on instagram post a picture of some red fake nails from primark and recommend how good they were, I thought I might give them a go.Image

I was even more persuaded when I went into primark and saw that they were only £1. ONE POUND! I could not believe it especially as they came in a variety of colours, they come in packs of 24 so you have 2 sets with 4 spare, and they come with glue.

I bought the red ones as they were the most Christmassy although I was tempted by some ombre sparkly blue ones (perhaps I will get them next time!)




All week I was just waiting for the holidays to start so that I could try out my nails (I know that’s pretty sad) and so this afternoon I set down to start the time consuming task of filing ten nails down to size. They started off pretty long and square however I didn’t want them to look tacky or obviously fake and so made them much shorter and rounded them off as I prefer this look. Image

To jazz them up a bit I painted over the nails with about 3 coats of glitter nail polish. I did the first coat before sticking the nails on which proved to be very difficult so once the nails were on my fingers I did the next couple of coats. Of course this is totally optional but I really love glitter nail polish especially at this time of year.


The nails were very easy to stick on and so far they have lasted really well. I have had them on for a few hours and I have just had a bath and they have stayed on.. well one fell off but I knew that would happen because I didn’t stick it on particularly well but the others were just fine :)


As you can see they are still quite short but if you prefer longer nails you could file them down less or just not at all!

I am interested to see how long they last but I would love them to stay until after boxing day. I still cant believe these were only £1!!! I have fallen for fake nails which I never thought I would! I think they look quite real and natural and are an amazing improvement on my actual nails!

Have you tried these nails?

Love Izzy


My first Etsy purchase!

Hey everyone,

I have recently fallen in love with a website called Etsy (link will be at the end of this post) which is a website where you can find really gorgeous things from a huge range of small businesses. Most are handmade so they make adorable gifts and a lot of ‘shop’ owners allow you to custom order their products meaning you can get your hands on personalised and original items which make them that little bit more special.

I made the most of this when looking for a present for my best friend Martha who always gets such lovely gifts but is so hard to buy for even though we’ve been best friends for 15 years!

I found a shop called ‘Little Shop of Hodge Podge’, owned by a lovely lady called Rebecca. She sells handmade jewellery made from real book pages but she ensures that no books are harmed by using ones nobody wants so that they can live on in the form of accessories!

As I was browsing her shop I found the perfect stud earrings which say Finnick Odair on them. If you have read/watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire you will know who this is. If not then you need to read them and he is one of the best characters in the hunger games! As Martha is obsessed.. I mean literally obsessed, with the Hunger Games and loves Finnick I thought these would suit her so well and so hopefully she will love them.. fingers crossed!



The earrings were only £4.55 (+P&P) and so I couldn’t resist getting some for myself! I know I probably shouldn’t have but I figured that because I was paying about £5 for postage and packaging (as they were from America) I might aswell get the most out of my order.

I contacted Rebecca and asked if she would be able to create some similar earrings but with the quote “Okay? Okay.” on them from The Fault In Our Stars (again a must-read!!!) one of my favourite books. She messaged me back and said that she would be happy to make them and that she had just got her hands on a copy of the book the previous day!Image

I was so happy and the Etsy messaging service made it so easy to talk to Rebecca and know what stage she was at with the earrings and when they were ready.

I have included some photos as I think they make such a great gift especially for a girly book worm (like Martha) without being too obvious like a book or some boring earrings! They are so original and I really hope she enjoys wearing them :)

If you haven’t visited Etsy before then I would definitely recommend taking a look as you can buy some lovely things from there and I will definitely be returning!

Here is a link:

What is the gift you are most excited about giving this Christmas?

Love Izzy


Music Monday // Thumpers

Thumpers are a band (I think they are a duo) which my sister introduced to me a couple of weeks ago and I am in love with them!

I currently only have 3 of their songs on my ipod however I am going to hunt for more as I have been listening to them almost every morning on my way to school as their songs are so upbeat and catchy so definitely give them a listen to as I would highly recommend them and would buy their album if they bought one out!

All of their songs are great but the first one I listened to which is still my favourite is called ‘Unkinder’ which is why I posted this one :)


It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas!

Hey everyone

On Sunday I was feeling very festive and so after a day of Christmas shopping I put on my fairy lights, lit a candle and settled down with a caramel hot chocolate ready to start one of my favourite parts of Christmas; wrapping presents

I thought I would take a few photos to share with you as I feel as though it is really starting to get Christmassy! Also I decorated my tree on Saturday but forgot to take a picture :( It definitely makes the house seem so cute and cosy especially when the fire is on and we are all curled up on the sofa :)



A Christmas present from a friend last year!  


I know this is a kid’s book but I read it every Christmas (aside from last year when I forgot.. I was devastated!) and it is so cute and festive :)



I bought this little Christmas tree from Tesco for about £3. It is actually covered in glitter but the camera didn’t really pick it up.Image

I forgot to take a picture of my Caramel hot chocolate before I drank it but it was delicious!


I bought this really pretty tart burner/ candle holder from the new Yankee store in town. It cost £4.95 and the tart burning inside is in the scent ‘Christmas eve’ which smells really lovely.


Because the tarts are currently on sale for 94p and I have suddenly become obsessed with candles, I bought 2 more in the scents ‘Snow in love’ and ‘Black Cherry’.



My wrapping equipment!


Yes it was very embarrassing going into poundland and buying 7 boxes of Malteasers and no they are not all for me!



As part of my secret santa I bought 3 Soap and Glory mini products as I think these always make really sweet gifts if you don’t know what to get someone. They are a lot cheaper than the big S&G products and are nearly always on 3 for 2!


Another offer I made the most of was Barry M’s get a limited edition nail varnish when you spend £6 or more. I bought the blue sparkly one for a friend and the far left shade (sort of sparkly purply copper coloured) for myself as I think it is a really beautiful colour. This meant that I got the middle sparkly silver polish free so I am going to give that one to my friend aswell :)


Messing around with the wrapping decorations! haha!

Have you started your wrapping yet? I have only wrapped the Malteasers so far!

Tonight’s job is writing my cards :D



The Christmas Tag!

Hey everyone,

First of all, wow I have done 3 blog posts in 3 days- I am on a roll here!

Anyway…today I had the idea of doing a Christmas tag and when I got home I saw that the lovely Citra from ‘Faith Hope Loving’ had done one so I decided to copy her and do my own :)

Citra’s Blog Post:


So here we go!

What’s your favourite holiday movie?

I would have to say The Grinch, but I haven’t seen it in years! (mental note to watch that soon) The film ‘Elf’ just arrived in the post though so I am excited to watch that at the weekend :)

What’s your favourite Christmas colour?

Probably the standard red and gold – I think they both look gorgeous at this time of year and are awesome colours to decorate the tree with!

Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or morning?

Christmas Morning! I wake up and open my stocking in bed and then my whole family go downstairs and exchange main presents. (The best bit of Christmas day!)

What’s your favourite winter fragrance?

I hardly ever where perfumes etc which are very wintery however I recently brought a sample of a yankee candle in the scent ‘Christmas Eve’ which smells so nice and I plan to light it on Christmas eve (hence the name!) I guess this isn’t really a fragrance as such but I love it anyway!

Favourite Christmas smell?

Cinnamon definitely!

What’s your favourite holiday drink? 

I love chai tea lattes but hot chocolates have to be drunk at Christmas time! I have one beside me now!

Candy cane or gingerbread men?

It sort of depends on the flavour of the candy cane because I like some but not mint ones, but overall I would have to say gingerbread men!

Favourite Christmas song?

hmmm… so many to choose from! I honestly can’t pick one but Jingle Bells is definitely up there with the best purely because it is so traditional and the first one I think of when I think of Christmas songs!

Have you ever made a snowman?

Yes! I usually make one every time it snows (which is rarely actually at Christmas here in the UK) but its never quite as fun as it seems once your out there dripping in snow, freezing and the snow keeps falling apart haha…sorry to ruin the Christmas mood!

What is most important to you about the holidays?

Spending time with my family which I will remember every Christmas and just appreciating how generous people are!


So that’s it for the Christmas tag! Hope you enjoyed it :)

I don’t have anyone specific to tag so I will tag all of you who have a blog to do this if you would like but please mention my blog and comment leaving a link so I can check it out too!

If you haven’t already, head on over to Citra’s blog and you can read her version of this tag.

Lots of Love



Music Monday // Coasts

If you didn’t know already, I am a huge fan of music and love discovering new artists or bands.

Therefore I thought it would be a nice little idea for me to share some of my current favourite music with you in a ‘Music Monday’ series.

I recently discovered a band called Coasts who I had never heard of before and I love them!

My favourite song of theirs is called Oceans and it is amazing :)

Well worth a listen to!

I hope you’re having a fabulous Monday (if that’s possible), Love Izzy xxx