The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


On Thursday 21st November 2013 I finally went to see The Hunger Games Catching Fire! After reading the trilogy of books me and my fan-girl friends have been waiting a long time for this. My best friend booked the tickets on the 1st October (the first day tickets went on sale- yes that’s how obsessed she was!) and since then we have been waiting till it came out. Although it came out at midnight on Wednesday/Thursday we had to wait till 7pm that night but we were still pretty quick off the mark when it came to seeing it as soon as possible.

I obviously cant really say much about it because I am assuming that many of you have not yet seen it and I don’t want to spoil it. However I will say that it was absolutely amazing! I was a little dubious because I thought that the first film was nowhere near as good as the book and didn’t want this one to be another let down, however I was proved completely wrong! It was almost exact to the book aside from a few minor details which I didn’t even notice until they were pointed out to me (such as Buttercup the cat being a different colour!) but they didn’t affect my opinion on it at all as I still thought it was pretty much perfect! Then again I read the book in Easter time and so cant exactly remember it exactly!

If you have read the books and are considering going to see the film then definitely go for it! In my opinion it was a lot better than the first film and was so similar to the book it was crazy! If you haven’t yet read the books I would highly recommend you do both (but as always its often better to read the books first!) you will not be disappointed by either.

Have any of you seen or are going to see Catching Fire?

Have a nice weekend :)

Love Izzy xxx


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