October Favourites!


Hello everybody! I feel as though I haven’t sat down and done a proper ‘beauty post’ as I like to think of them, in so long. So now that October has ended (I know I am a little late this month as its already the 6th but at least I haven’t forgotten!) it is the perfect opportunity for me to think about what I have actually really enjoyed this month.

If you saw my last post which was basically me ranting about being in year 11, then you will know that I mentioned the fact that I rarely seem to have ‘spare time’ anymore. Me writing this has been squeezed into one of those rare moments and I probably should be working on my textiles or something… but we wont think about that right now! Anyway because I have been so stressed and busy I have been going to bed later and therefore getting up later which means less time for me to get ready. Obviously I still do my makeup but like to keep it pretty basic with usually foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara and a tad bronzer when I go to school. I like wearing my makeup just like this but it does mean that I use the same products pretty much everyday and so haven’t been particularly experimental with my products this month. Also I have not been buying new makeup as often as I used to because I am trying to save money especially now Christmas is coming up! Anyway this means that I don’t have a huge amount of beauty related products to share with you this month but I have made up for it by chucking in a few more random favourites which I don’t usually (you lucky things!)


Like I said I have been sticking to pretty basic makeup for most of this month but something I have to use everyday is foundation- I have really bad skin at the moment and I just feel so much more comfortable if I am wearing foundation. My current favourite is the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation (in shade 52- Vanilla) which you may have seen in a haul at some point. I am so bad at describing how good foundations are because to be honest the ones I have tried are pretty similar and because I have only been wearing foundation for a few years and they last me a good while I have not tried many. However this is probably my favourite so far! I loved the Rimmel Wake Me Up also but that is definitely a summer staple for me whereas in winter I prefer something with less shimmer in it and something that will last all day. This fits the bill perfectly and I love applying it everyday knowing that when I get home it wont look drastically different to how it did before I left the house. I would definitely recommend this foundation and although it is a little pricey for a drugstore foundation, I am so pleased I bought it and love it!

Again something which I wear to school pretty much everyday is liquid eyeliner and I bought this Precision felt tip liner from Asda (I know right, so glamorous!) for £2 as I was getting stuff for Halloween, spotted it and wanted to give it a go. I used to use the Collection Extreme Liquid liner but it dried out ages ago and although I loved it I wanted to give gel eyeliner a try so since then I have been using either pencil or gel eyeliners. Don’t get me wrong I love my gel liner but felt tip liners are just so quick and easy and look just as good. Perfect for rushed mornings! I cant believe this was only £2 and it is really good! I haven’t used it much because like I said I only bought it a week ago, but so far it has reminded me why I loved my Collection one so much and I have rediscovered my love for felt tip liners!

I am not allowed to paint my nails for school but as it was the holidays I painted them a few different colours throughout the week. My favourite was the NYC In a Minute Nail polish in the shade ‘Manhattan’ which is a lovely deep purple colour. I think this colour is gorgeous in autumn and winter and also it was great for Halloween! I would definitely recommend the NYC nail polishes as they are super cheap (sometimes 2 for £3), they come in a pretty big bottle compared to some and they only need one or two coats to look opaque and glossy. Also they are the perfect consistency and not too sticky or too runny as some cheaper nail polishes can be.

Something which is often talked about in the beauty community are the Lush Lip scrubs. I have the bubble-gum one which smells so lush (haha get it!?..sorry I had to) and it definitely makes my lips so soft and smooth which is perfect for winter when my lips get a lot dryer more often. I use this usually once a week because it is slightly pricey (about £5 for a tiny pot) and you could probably make your own one very easily, so I want to make it last and not waste it. However if I am wearing a bold coloured lipstick then sometimes I will use this before application as it makes my lips look a lot nicer.

ImageContinuing with the theme of lips… I got me some baby lips! Finally! I have wanted these since before they came out in the UK and finally got some (right at the beginning of October or possibly the end of September- I cant remember) and so ALL the way through October these were constantly on my lips. They are so lovely to use and are super moisturising while tinting your lips (the coloured ones that is)  at the same time which I love! My favourites are the blue one ‘Hydrate’ and the Orange one ‘Cherry Me’ and I always have one or two in my school blazer as they are so natural looking but give your lips a pop of colour at the same time. These are definitely worth the hype and not at all expensive either which is great!


I don’t often talk about body butters but I was very impressed with the deal that I got on this beauty which is the Body Shop Shea Butter Body Butter. I was walking past the shop and saw that they were selling them for 50% off so instead of £13 they were only £6.50 and considering I was in need of a new body butter and I had never tried a body shop one before I thought it was time to try one. It took me a while to decide on which scent I liked because even though I like some stronger scents I thought they might be a bit much when you are coating your body in it haha! So I went for the Shea Butter one which seems a little boring but I think it smells really lovely and not too strong. It is also really moisturising and makes my skin super soft which is amazing :)


I generally don’t wear much jewellery on an everyday basis however when I am going out at the weekend or something I have really been getting into wearing rings. I was given a set for my birthday (all of the ones photographed aside from the green one were in this set) and so my small ring collection is gradually growing which is so good because I normally find it very hard to find rings I actually like and that fit my chubby fingers! The set included 4 rings (the infinity one is my fave) and was from New Look if you’re interested and the green one (which is probably my other favourite) was from River Island.

I rarely wear necklaces and when I do they would usually be long ones, however I have suddenly become obsessed with statement necklaces and I adore this one from River Island which cost about £6. I love wearing this with plain tops or shirts/blouses with collars as I think it looks really nice. Definitely my favourite piece of jewellery which I own at the moment!

ImageTwo albums which I bought this month were Tom Odell’s Long Way Down and The 1975’s album. I love both of them, especially Tom Odell’s which I listened to for days on end when it arrived in the post! I think that his music is really nice to listen to when I am all curled up in bed with my fairy lights on and a big mug of chai tea (more on that later) in my hand, feeling all wintery! I also love the 1975 for when you want something a bit more upbeat. My favourite music changes so often so it was so hard to think about my favourite songs for the whole of October- I am thinking of doing a ‘Music Monday’ or something once a week or every couple of weeks where I just give you guys a little taste of the music I am currently loving to listen to..? Is that a good idea?


ajdjgijgksnslanklghnwr;lkgand oh my gosh guys. I literally love The Mortal Instruments series of books so much! I am reading the 5th one in the series at the moment (city of Lost Souls) and the 6th one is coming out in May which I am so excited about! I am usually a really slow reader and barely make it through long series of books but I have absolutely loved these books and cannot recommend them enough! I saw the film before I started reading them and didn’t think they would be my sort of thing but I am so glad my friend made me read them! I cant really write much about them without giving them away but honestly this has been one of my favourite series to read (probably second best after Harry Potter of course!) and so let me know if you have read them in the comments and we can fangirl together over Jace and Clary and just everything ahhhhh! sorry guys this post is getting a little out of hand now…

ImageFinally this month I made the greatest discovery of my life. Chai Tea everybody. This stuff is amazing! We have a coffee machine in my house and you buy these little pods for it and it can make loads of nice drinks (wow very technical there haha!) and I decided to try the Chai Tea one and fell in love.  You know how bad I am at describing but its sort of cinnamonny and gingery and basically just autumn in a cup! I also tried the chai tea in Coffee #1 (which is a coffee shop like starbucks/costa if you didn’t know) which was so delicious! You may notice a cheeky little packet of biscuits in the corner there which are Lotus Biscuits. I love these so much but you cant actually buy them in that many shops near me which is super annoying. This isn’t really an October Favourite but kind of just a general Life Favourite!

So that’s it for my October Favourites. I feel all autumnal and prepared for winter now! Let me know if you have tried any of the things I showed, and please tell me in the comments your favourite thing from October :)

I hope you enjoyed this post! See you soon, Love Izzy xxx


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