September Favourites

Hello everyone!

So I am a little late with this post however only by 2 days which is impressive for me!

I feel like this month I haven’t worn an extreme amount of makeup (that makes it sound like I normally cake my face in it!) because I have had such a heavy work load for school which is tiring me out a ridiculous amount and making sure that I find it impossible to wake up for school with any more than half an hour to get ready. This has meant that I have mainly been using trusty well-used products which I know work and pretty effortless makeup looks.

Although this has meant that I have kept my makeup fairly minimal for school which is good, it does mean that I didn’t have any particular favourite products as I honestly haven’t paid much attention to what I have been liking or disliking.

However I picked a few products which I have liked for a while and only a few newish products…


p.s sorry the lighting isn’t great here, like I said I have been really busy recently and had to take the photos in the evening!


For face makeup the foundation I have been using almost everyday this month is Bourjois’ healthy mix foundation in shade 52-vanilla which I adore so much! I know that this is many peoples favourite foundation and although its not the cheapest I wanted to try it and I am very glad I did.

My favourite powder has been the Rimmel Stay matte powder which as you can see I have hit pan on so its obviously been a long term favourite- I was surprised that I hadn’t really talked about this much on this blog so thought I would confirm my love for it now!  I use this everyday and just feel like my makeup isn’t complete without powder. I hate getting oily or shiny throughout the day so I keep a different powder in my school blazer pocket for touch ups at lunch time haha but I use this in the morning and although I wouldn’t say it lasts as long as it claims to, it does last a good few hours which is great :)

I showed this blusher in a haul at some point so it is one of the newer products in this post. It is from Topshop and is called ‘pop’. It is a powder blush which I prefer over cream blushes but they sell cream ones aswell if that’s what takes your fancy. I don’t use this everyday as I am much more of a bronzer gal but sometimes I feel like I want a little bit of pretty colour on my cheeks and this fits the bill perfectly. I admit it does look a little scary at first but you just need to remember not to go to heavy with it and it looks beautiful.


I don’t wear bright reds on an everyday basis especially not for school. However I have found that I like using the Bourjois Colour Boost in ‘Red Sunrise’ for a wash of colour by applying a small amount to the centre of the lips and dabbing it in with my fingers. It is not too obvious but gives a really lovely effect and can brighten a look or outfit. It is also very moisturising and not at all drying. I haven’t had an occasion to wear this at its finest (as in apply it properly) yet but I have tried it and it looks gorgeous so I cant wait to go out somewhere where I can get away with a bright lip!

Another lip product I have loved for ages but never mention is the classic Carmex lip balm. This stuff is amazing and doesn’t just coat your lips but feels like it actually helps them. I use this every night and rarely get chapped lips now :D I do own a lot of lip balms but this is one of the only ones which I can instantly feel is helping my lips. I would definitely recommend it as a great one for winter or cold weather as its really affordable aswell!


The last 3 products are all eye related. The first one being one of my new bargain NYC mono eyeshadows which cost just 50p from fragrance direct! You can see these eyeshadows in my latest haul linked here: if you haven’t seen it already :) This is the shade ‘Luxury Reborn’ however I wish I had photographed ‘Bazaar’ aswell because I love that shade equally as much. I feel like this month I haven’t worn eyeshadow much at all as like I have said I have been constantly in a rush pretty much everyday :( but I wanted to include this shadow because firstly I just love how cheap it was! and also the shade looks amazing, I have worn it a few times and it is well pigmented, I would describe the shade as very similar to the Maybelline colour tattoo in ‘on and on bronze’ which you should know that I absolutely LOVE! I guess its sort of the equivalent but in powder form!?

Secondly is a product which I have had for ages but I don’t think I have ever mentioned to you guys and that is the Rimmel exaggerate undercover shadow primer (long name much!?) Now I will be the first to admit that this almost definitely isn’t the best primer out there, I am sure products such as the Urban Decay primer potion completely blow this one out the water (is that even a saying?!) but I have never tried any other eye primer and so unfortunately I don’t have anything to compare it to. But nonetheless I really like it and use it everyday. I wouldn’t say it completely prevents creasing but it does to an extent and definitely makes eyeshadow stay put for longer than without a primer. I think it is great if like me you don’t want to pay loads or have never tried a primer before because it is really good quality for a drugstore primer. Oh and another thing is that this has lasted me absolutely ages and I use it everyday! :D

The final favourite of the month is my Seventeen Backlash Mascara which I actually got free when I bought my backlash gel eyeliner. I have a review of both these products coming up soon so I don’t want to say too much about them but seeing as this is included in my favourites.. I think you may be able to guess whether I like it!

So that’s everything I have loved this month. Sorry its not particularly interesting, I will try to use more products this month and get some actual favourites for next time :)

Let me know in the comments your favourite products of the month in the comments… oh and also please let me know if you have any recommendations for an under eye concealer which doesn’t crease! Preferably cheap (less that £5 would be great!) but no more than about £8 :)

Thanks for reading <3

Izzy xxxx


2 thoughts on “September Favourites”

  1. I love the Bourjois’ Healthy Mix and Stay Matte Powder, I use them everyday and they don’t feel really horrible on your skin! I want to try that Colour Boost, my lips are starting to get really dry and chapped:( I used to always use Carmex but keep forgetting to buy it now but it’s great!:)xox


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