New Blog Layout!

Hi everyone!

If you have visited this blog before, I am sure you will have already noticed the huge change in appearance of this tiny section of the internet which I call ‘my blog’.

If not then I hope you like it anyway!

I have decided that I really want to try a lot harder at blogging because I keep finding excuses not to post and I feel more disappointed in myself more than anything. I know that because I don’t have a huge amount of followers, I doubt anyone else really cares but blogging is something which gives me satisfaction and I want to feel proud of my blog.

I have downloaded the wordpress and bloglovin’ apps (both of which I had no idea existed until now!) and I feel like that really helps me to read more blogs, gain inspiration and keep up to date with the world of blogging a lot more easily. Also it means that I will be able to write short posts (I know, bit of a change from my long essays which I always write haha) on the go and I am planning to do some more quick reviews maybe mid-week for you.

Anyway… I am hoping that you all like my new layout and appearance of my blog which is very different from my old style. I am always a bit wary when changing my blog in case I don’t like it and cant figure out how to change it back (sounds stupid but this actually happened on my old blog…it was never the same again!) but I was getting frustrated at how all the widgets (all the stuff now in the sidebar) was at the bottom of the page and the theme I had wouldn’t let me have a sidebar. After about an hour of searching for a theme I liked, I finally found this one which I like as it is simple yet by changing the colours and adding my own twist it looks a lot more my style and suits my overall blog more.

Anyway, I prefer this so much more to my old look. what do you think?

Love Izzy xxx


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