Back to School Haul!

Hello everyone!

I know this is a little late as a lot of you have probably started school already, but today was my first day back at school and I for one was very nervous! I have now started year 11 which is rather an important year in terms of exams etc so the pressure is definitely on already! However one thing I love about going back to school is the fact that I have an excuse for my mum to buy me stationary! I know I am like such a little kid when it comes to new school supplies but I don’t care- I LOVE back to school shopping!

So without further ado here is what I bought to prepare for back to school :)


Here is everything put together and I know it looks like quite a bit considering I still have everything from last year but quite a lot of my stuff (such as my pencil case which had been thoroughly abused!) was not in the best condition  and all of this stuff I WILL use pretty much everyday so I am not trying to brag or show off or anything but I think this may be useful for some of you who still haven’t gone back to school yet and are looking for what to buy. I purposely didn’t make this a ‘back to school essentials’ or ‘whats in my school bag’ post because I know there are so many of them floating around the internet and so often they all mention the same sorts of things, so I am purely showing you what I have bought personally to hopefully give you some ideas :)


Firstly I just bought some of these white cardboard file holder type things (do they have a name!?) which I needed so that the shelf in my room which has all my school books on looks a lot neater and more organised. At the moment I have 3 on the shelf; one for last years books (as I need to keep them for revision), one for my new books and one for revision guides and text books etc. There were 5 in the pack so I still have 2 spare which I think is really good. Unfortunately I am not sure how much these were but they were from Ikea and I am certain they were only a few pounds (definitely no more than £5).


Like I said my pencil case which I used last year was not in the best condition (in other words me and my friends had drawn all over it!) and although I need a clear pencil case for my exams, I prefer to have a pretty looking pencil case for normal lessons… its just one of those little things that makes school life a bit nicer! So I bought this one which cost £4.99 from WHSmiths which is grey with cute green, pink, orange and blue owls all over it which I think are adorable! It also has a pink zip and a middle pocket bit which I find really useful :)

It was 3 for 2 on the ‘bramble wood’ selection so I also got these adorable highlighters which also have the owls all over them. They come in pink, purple and green and although they probably aren’t the best highlighters in the world, I really like them and I get through highlighters so quickly that it is worth buying them before I start the school year.


Like I said it was 3 for 2 so I picked up this A4 notebook which also has the matching owls on it (I do like my owls!) This will be extremely useful because it is lined and has holes on the side of the paper which is useful for when I have to do homework for a subject where it needs to go in a folder.


I constantly run out of pens throughout the year so I bought some to stock up! I got the papermate ones and I know so many people have a favourite type of pen but I am fine with any really! I do tend to use biros for school though just because they don’t smudge like inky pens and because I am left handed (fun fact for you!) that can often be a problem. There are 4 in a pack but I currently only have 2 in my pencil case so I am saving the other 2 for when these run out. These were on offer for 3 for 2

As part of the 3 for 2 offer I also bought some mechanical pencils in a pack of 10 which come in a range of colours. I tend to normally use standard HB pencils but if I cant be bothered to sharpen my pencils I prefer these as they are always sharp :)


The last thing I got with the 3 for 2 offer was a pack of Stabilo fineliner pens which I LOVE! These are really useful for revising with as I work so much better when everything is in colour and there are so many colours in this pack (there are 2 rows by the way) Also because I do Textiles GCSE I prefer to write in coloured pens in my sketchbook because I personally think it looks nicer and more colourful. These are actually quite expensive at about £20 but like I said they were part of an offer which meant that I got the pencils free, and I know that I will be using these a lot this year.

The next thing is a bit of a cheat because there not actually new but I hadn’t used them before so they kind of are! This pack of pencils from the consortium, I got in a pack which I bought from my school for Textiles which came with a load of arty things and this was one of them but I completely forgot I had them and so decided to use them for this year.


I also got a little pink rubber and a Pritt stick which comes in a lot more useful than you might think as I always seem to have loose sheets in my school books and so I have to glue them in. Also, again for textiles, I have a lot to glue in so this is something very important that I keep in my pencil case.


Finally, a book which I actually bought quite a while ago but only started last night, is ‘Geek Girl’ by Holly Smale. As I said I have only just started this so cant really give an opinion but so far it seems pretty good, a classic girly teenage book which I thought would be suitable for starting school as I think I am a bit of a geek at heart! Also the beginning is set at the Birmingham Clothes Show Live which I actually went to last December so it is relatable which is always good :) This book isn’t part of a series and as I just finished the Harry Potter series of 7 books (which I already want to read again and shall always want to read as I have always been such a huge fan and just freaking love Harry Potter so so much, but that is another story so I will shut up about Harry Potter now…)  I wanted a light easy read as I sometimes feel like if you start a book you have to commit to reading the whole series but sometimes that can get a little boring so I like to change it up now and again!

Anyway that is pretty much everything I have bought for back to school apart from my new bag which hasn’t arrived yet but it is a mipac and looks like this:Image

I ordered it from amazon and it cost around £22 plus postage and packaging. I cant wait for it to arrive but it said that it would be delivered within 1-2 months which if you are anything like me you will know can be a long time when you are waiting for something! None the less I am very excited for it to come and although it didn’t arrive in time for the first day back I will be really happy when it does arrive and I can start to use it!

Also I forgot to include my school shoes but they are just from Schuch and cost £28 nothing special, just plain black canvas type material, brogue style but not patterned with laces and inside they have a really bright Aztec pattern which is so cool!

I hope you have had a great first day back if you’ve started school already, if not good luck!

Thanks for reading :D Let me know what your favourite thing about back to school is in the comments!

Love Izzy xxx


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