August Favourites!

So its my favourite time of the month again… favourites time! I love the end of each month not only because the internet is flooded with monthly favourite posts which is a great opportunity to discover what everyone else has been loving and try out new products, but also because often it can feel like a fresh start, if you have had an unproductive or disappointing month you can try to change that around when it comes to the 1st! This is especially true for August going into September as it also means the start of a new school year which can be very exciting and also a bit daunting! Anyway I am here to add my opinion to the pile with my August Favourites :D 


I haven’t been very generous on the photos in this post because I don’t want to go into huge detail about each product (although I probably will knowing me!) but if you do want a proper review of any of these products then please let me know in the comments and I would be happy to.

Firstly I will start with the biggest, and this is my new Babyliss curling wand pro which is a conical wand (so it is thicker at the top and gets smaller) used to give your hair a beautiful wavy look, I love the fact that when I curl my hair with this it actually does look similar to the picture on the box which is very rare! Often I love how it looks in the picture and then when I try it… well lets just say its a bit of a disaster! I am definitely not a professional at curling my hair but this is so easy to use and comes with a little glove which protects you from burning your fingers *slowly covers up burn marks on hands* haha i’m joking but it does get pretty hot and I did manage to burn my thumb when I stupidly forgot to wear the glove which was very painful. I find that it takes about 10-15 minutes to curl all of my hair which is seriously good because normally it would take about 40 minutes to do it with straighteners and doesn’t look nearly as nice. It also has five different heat settings so you can alter it depending on your hair type, as mine is fairly thick I tend to use it on the two hottest ones. Also its only £25! £25 people!!! it is a serious bargain for such an amazing hair curler and I will definitely be using it a LOT.

Next I have loved the seventeen ‘backlash’ black gel eyeliner which I bought right at the beginning of the summer and was my first gel eyeliner. I bought this one because although the Maybelline one had been raved about I didn’t want to spend £8 on one when I didn’t even know that I liked gel eyeliners. I think I got this one for about £4 and because it was on offer I also got a free backlash mascara which is also an amazing product. There isn’t really much to say about this product apart from that it is really pigmented, lasts all day and doesn’t flake, fade or smudge at all! I prefer this over liquid liner because it looks a lot nicer but it does take a bit more time than felt tip style liners which are so easy and quick, because you have to use a brush but this may just be due to the fact that I haven’t had enough practise yet :)

I have been painting my nails A LOT over the holidays because my school does not allow it so I have to make the most of being able to! and two barry m nail paints which I have been loving wearing together are ‘mint green’ and ‘sour apple’ (from the confetti nail effects range). I think that they look so nice together and although I love classic pastels such as mint green on their own, the confetti top coat gives it a bit of a twist and makes it more interesting.

For my birthday I was given the real techniques starter kit for eyes and although I LOVE all of the brushes from the set, this one has stood out to me the most and it is the ‘deluxe crease brush’ which is obviously used to define the crease. This is the perfect size for contouring the eye and makes it so much easier and quicker than any other brush I own. I have only used this once for concealer under my eyes but again it worked a dream for doing that aswell so if your not a fan of contouring the crease than this can be used for a range of other things aswell!

The lipgloss I have used so much this august is actually a really old one which I have owned for years and is my go to clear lipgloss because it isn’t sticky at all and I just really like how it feels on my lips. As you can see it has gone a bit of a gross colour and I was a bit ashamed of showing it, but this is because I nearly always apply this over lipsticks and I just love the look it gives! I just realised I haven’t even said what lipgloss it is! It is just the clear lipgloss from Natural Collection so was really inexpensive at £1.99! I am pretty sure you can still purchase this even though mine is so old :)

The last two products are swatched below so that you can see the colours :)

So for Lipstick I am head over heels for my Topshop lipstick in ‘innocent’ which again I got for my birthday so is fairly new but I don’t think I have worn any other lipstick apart from this one! I don’t wear lipstick often and if I do I like it to be pretty subtle and blotted out, so this fits the bill perfectly as a wearable everyday colour. I did write about this in my last post which was a haul so you can read about it here: if you want to hear me blab on even more!

I never used to do my brows but this month I have been loving how they look when I use my real techniques angled brow brush to fill them in with this eyeshadow from MUA in the shade 19 matte which is a matte dark brown colour but isn’t as pigmented as it looks in the pan and so can be quite subtle or built up depending on how bold I want my brows. This was such a bargain as it was only £1! and I often use this in my crease as a go to simple eyeshadow look which also looks lovely :)


So there is everything I have been loving this month! I will be posting again very soon with a back to school haul so I know that is 3 posts within such a short space of time but I think of it as making up for all the time I missed from blogging and I am not sure how often I will be able to blog when I go back to school. I am planning to try to go back to my original schedule of every Saturday but we shall see when the time comes!

Anyway  I love you all and hope you have had an amazing August!

Love Izzy xxx


2 thoughts on “August Favourites!”

  1. Hey Izzy! I followed your old blog, and was so glad to see that you’re still blogging! Those look like great products- I wish we could get those here in the States! <3


    1. Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me that you have bothered to comment and still follow me even though I have been rubbish at blogging! That’s a shame that you cant get some of the products :( xxx


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