Fragrance Direct Haul!

Hi Everyone!

So I was a bit naughty and splurged a little on one of my favourite websites.. fragrance direct! If you haven’t heard of Fragrance Direct before it is essentially a website where you can buy drugstore and high end cosmetics, fragrances and hair care products for amazing prices. I have only ever ordered from this website once before but I was very pleased with their service and the quality of the products and you can get some seriously AMAZING deals there! Here is a link to the website if anyone is interested:


Ok so maybe I went a bit over the top on the photo editing! It was the first time I have edited my photos so I don’t quite know what I’m doing just yet- Don’t worry I haven’t edited the rest of the photos!

ImageI firstly bought 4 of the NYC mono eyeshadows which I had seen good reviews about so I would have bought them for full price (only £1.79!) but these were on sale for 50p! 50p!!! So I pretty much got 4 for the price of one (almost!) Anyway the shades I got were: top left- Basic Instinct, top right-Bazaar, bottom left- A-lister, bottom right-Luxury Reborn.  I love these (I first tried them this morning) and although I haven’t used them lots yet I am really looking forward to using them more especially the darker ones because they are so pigmented!



Next I got this gorgeous coloured L’Oreal eyeshadow in the shade Silver Brown (I don’t know why as its not exactly silver!) I have never tried anything from L’Oreal so I didn’t know what to expect. I was let down by the packaging as it looked really luxurious on the website but in real life it is very plasticy and tacky! It comes with a tiny brush which I will probably never use but its a nice touch, and the actual eyeshadow is amazing! Again I have only tried this once so haven’t got an accurate opinion of it yet but so far I love the shade and it seems really pigmented :) I think this was £1.99


I got two of these Go big! eyeshadow pens which are from a German brand called ‘Manhattan’. I got the shades ‘Pearl’ (top one) which is a shimmery white colour and ‘sandal wood’ which is a copper sort of shade. I haven’t tried sandal wood yet but I have high hopes for it as it looks so pretty but I have tried Pearl in my waterline and I really disliked it because it clung to my lashes and looked really odd however they aren’t meant to be eyeliners so I can hardly judge them just yet! I think it would look lovely all over the lid with a dark colour in the crease so I will give that a go next time. I have never really tried eyeshadow pens before but I love cream eyeshadows like the Maybelline colour tattoos so I am hoping that these will open up a whole new love for eyeshadow pens! These were also £1.99 each.


Swatches: (Left to Right) L’Oreal silver brown eyeshadow, Manhattan Sandal Wood pen, Manhattan Pearl Pen


Another brand I have never tried is Jemma Kidd as I always associate it with expensive products however this brand often features on Fragrance Direct and so I thought I would try out the Front Cover Touch Up Concealer (I got the shade fair). This is one which you twist to make the product come out which I have never tried before and am not yet sure whether I like but it seems like a good medium/light coverage concealer for under the eyes. This was £2.99 (I think!)

ImageThe last product I bought was the Sally Hansen nail growth miracle serum which has had a mixed bag of good and bad reviews. I wasn’t sure whether to get this or not because I don’t know if it would work but my nails are absolutely terrible and I really want them to look nice so I am hoping that this will help them to grow. Only time will tell I suppose!

Anyway that is everything which came in my little parcel from fragrance direct! They were delivered in good, undamaged packaging within a week (I ordered it on Friday and it came the next Thusday) and I am very happy with all the products especially the prices of them!

I definitely think that you should check out fragrance direct if you haven’t already!

I hope you are all having a good weekend :)

Lots of Love Izzy xxx


New Blog Layout!

Hi everyone!

If you have visited this blog before, I am sure you will have already noticed the huge change in appearance of this tiny section of the internet which I call ‘my blog’.

If not then I hope you like it anyway!

I have decided that I really want to try a lot harder at blogging because I keep finding excuses not to post and I feel more disappointed in myself more than anything. I know that because I don’t have a huge amount of followers, I doubt anyone else really cares but blogging is something which gives me satisfaction and I want to feel proud of my blog.

I have downloaded the wordpress and bloglovin’ apps (both of which I had no idea existed until now!) and I feel like that really helps me to read more blogs, gain inspiration and keep up to date with the world of blogging a lot more easily. Also it means that I will be able to write short posts (I know, bit of a change from my long essays which I always write haha) on the go and I am planning to do some more quick reviews maybe mid-week for you.

Anyway… I am hoping that you all like my new layout and appearance of my blog which is very different from my old style. I am always a bit wary when changing my blog in case I don’t like it and cant figure out how to change it back (sounds stupid but this actually happened on my old blog…it was never the same again!) but I was getting frustrated at how all the widgets (all the stuff now in the sidebar) was at the bottom of the page and the theme I had wouldn’t let me have a sidebar. After about an hour of searching for a theme I liked, I finally found this one which I like as it is simple yet by changing the colours and adding my own twist it looks a lot more my style and suits my overall blog more.

Anyway, I prefer this so much more to my old look. what do you think?

Love Izzy xxx


Hi everybody!

I wasn’t too sure what to call this blog post as its not my everyday makeup, not my school makeup and not a favourites or makeup collection post. Its sort of a hybrid of all four of these things!

Essentially, this is my makeup bag which I have on my dressing table. In the morning of any weekday, I will get up at 7am (more like 7.20 if i’m honest) get dressed, have breakfast (I try to anyway, if I have the time…which I usually don’t) do my hair and then settle down to do my makeup. I have to admit, I spend way too much time doing my makeup for school. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t sit there and do the most complicated smokey eye imaginable, I just seem to take so much time!

So to keep my makeup to a limit, I recently put together a collection of some of my most used and favourite products in order to create a simple school makeup look everyday without having too many product choices. I just open up this bag and generally stick to everything in there instead of sifting through a load of products deciding which to use.

Obviously I don’t use every product in here! I use what I need but I like to still have option choices so I can change it up depending on my mood or what the day ahead entitles.


So this is my makeup bag, I have a few other ones but this is by far the biggest, I guess its more of a washbag and that’s what I use it for when I go on holiday or on sleepovers etc. I bought this from a cute little boutique shop in town which I randomly discovered by accident with one of my friends and we both loved it! I love the  Cath Kidston inspired pattern and it cost £10 which considering the price, size and how much I will use this I think was pretty reasonable.


Firstly I have really got into using this MUA undress your skin primer which I bought quite a while ago and went through stages of liking/disliking this product. It only cost around £3 or £4 and although it Is a small bottle it has lasted a long time as you really don’t need much. I have found that it works really well with my new Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in the shade 52-Vanilla which I absolutely am in love with and have used everyday since I bought it a couple of weeks ago. I apply the primer with my fingers, focusing mainly on my forehead, nose and chin which is where I tend to get oily throughout the day, especially at school. I apply the foundation using my Real Techniques Buffing Brush, which I am sure has featured in at least one of my favourites posts (possibly on my old blog but i’m not sure) and is probably my most used out of all my brushes as I use it everyday when I wear foundation.


I am not showing you these things in order because normally I powder last, right before I leave the house to ensure a longer matte look. However the powder I use is the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder of course which I have hit pan on :( but will definitely repurchase at some point (I will probably try out a few different ones first just to check that it really is the best) I apply this using my newish Real Techniques Powder Brush which is huge and perfect for powdering and also for bronzer.

For concealer I have two. Firstly the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in shade 2-light which I use for big blemishes and under the eyes. As this is £4.19 it is a very reasonable price for such a good concealer however I do find that it runs out quite quickly and the cost can mount up very easily. So I like to have a cheaper backup option and so this is why I also have the Natural Collection Cover up Cream in the shade Fair which isn’t as good but is fine for covering up red patches or just minor blemishes. I also sometimes use this under my eyes, do my eye makeup and then go over it with the collection concealer for a more flawless under eye as I have really bad dark circles which I hate with passion! I either use my fingers or my Real techniques pointed foundation brush to apply this, which I appear to have forgotten to photograph…sorry :/


For cheek products I have a few. Firstly I use the Sleek contour kit in light, everyday as I am a huge fan of cheekbones and own none myself unfortunately so I always have to contour or I feel a bit naked haha. I love both the bronzer and highlighter in this set and after lusting over it for about a year I am so glad I eventually bought it a while back and I literally don’t know what I did before I had this! Another bronzer is a newer one and it is the Bourjois Delice de soleil bronzer which featured in my last haul which you can see here: and is a lovely luxurious looking natural bronzer with a hint of shimmer. I tend to use this on my big powder brush to create a more all over sunkissed look.

I don’t always wear blush but when I do it tends to be this new one (which also featured in the haul linked above) from Topshop in the shade Pop which is a really bright coral but when on the cheeks it looks a lot more natural and pretty. It definitely gives more colour to my face and although I used to be a little against blushes as my cheeks are quite rosy anyway, I have actually loved using this one and I think my cheeks have calmed down especially since wearing foundation which covers them a bit :D

I apply all of these products with the Real Techniques contour brush (another one of my favourites!) aside from the bourjois bronzer which I usually use with the powder brush I mentioned earlier.


For eyes I ALWAYS use my Rimmel Exaggerate undercover shadow primer which probably isn’t THE BEST primer out there, but definitely does the job and makes my eyeshadows stay longer and prevents creasing to an extent (they do still crease after a long hard day at school and lots of blinking! but not too badly or obviously).

My favourite base is of course the Maybelline colour tattoo in ‘on and on bronze’ . I talk about this far too much but I adore the shade, the ease of blending, the texture, appearance, how long they last, I even love the little pot it comes in! This has to be one of my favourite makeup items that I own..ever! and I still cant get over the fact they are only £5 :o This looks beautiful on its own but I love wearing a shimmery champagne over the top and a darker matte brown in the crease or something similar for a easy bronze smokey eye.

I have two Barry M Dazzle Dusts which I am sure will be a bit of a blast from the past for many people! I have a white shimmery one and a brown shimmery one (they don’t have shade names sorry!) I rarely use these as I am not a fan of loose eyeshadows however I chucked them in here as a bit of experimentation. I really want to use them more and I have used the white one as a highlight a few times. The brown one was my sisters but she never used it and so gave it to me recently. I have only got round to wearing it once (because like I said I am always in a rush in the morning and so stick with reliable loved products) I wore it on its own and I quite liked it but I don’t think I have tried it enough to give a proper opinion on it just yet. I will definitely give it another go though because I want to love it so much!

Right at the back there you can see my Sleek Au Natural Palette which I absolutely am in love with and have previously reviewed for you so I wont go into too much detail. You can read about it here; Anyway, I don’t usually wear too much eyeshadow to school even though I am obsessed with them as it just takes too much time. However recently I have simply been wearing one champagne/salmon shimmery shade (top far right) which is called ‘taupe’ and is my favourite shade in the palette, I have then been using the matte black shade ‘noir’  (bottom far right) to line my lashes which gives a soft eyeliner look. Also because I wear glasses, you cant really tell that I have done a complicated eye makeup anyway so I try to keep it simple.


These are just some eyelash curlers and brushes which I use for my eye makeup. (Left to right) Eyelash curlers from superdrug, Real Techniques brow brush, base shadow brush and deluxe crease brush and Lydia professional brow brush.


If I do have time to do proper eyeliner I tend to use my seventeen backlash gel eyeliner in black which is a great product and is affordable aswell, I apply this using my Real Techniques pixel point eyeliner brush along my top lash line, usually winging it out a bit. If I cant be bothered with gel liners I usually opt for a kohl pencil instead and my favourite is the Look Beauty Long Last Liner in Jet Black as this is so easy to apply, comes with a little smudger on the end and is literally the blackest of black! Its super pigmented and really creamy :)

Image I have two brow products in my bag however I only really use the MUA eyeshadow in shade 19-matte on my Real Techniques brow bush as it makes my brows a tiny shade darker and I so much prefer powder to pencil when it comes to brows! It is so easy to flick through my brows and the brush makes it so easy aswell. The other product is the Sleek eyebrow pencil in 191 Brown which I used to use before I discovered this eyeshadow but haven’t used in a long time.


I have to admit I really don’t need 4 mascaras in my makeup bag haha but one of them is the Natural collection Lash care mascara in Clear which as you can probably tell is a clear mascara so I use this for my brows mostly although sometimes on my bottom lashes. I have my current favourite mascara which is the Seventeen Backlash Mascara in Black (which goes with the eyeliner), I also have the MUA mega volume mascara in black which has a plastic wand and it similar to the rocket volume mascara by Maybelline which I recently had to chuck away because it had dried up. I prefer this one to the Maybelline one though and it was only £3! The last mascara is an old cheap one from the brand W7 called Big Lash which you can buy on various websites such as amazon and ebay. This cost less than £2 and I was in love with it when I got it, but its sort of lost its appeal now that I have become more interested in makeup and tried out more mascaras. It is still good though and I do reach for it occasionally if I want something a little different.


For lip products I only have a few as lips aren’t really a main part of my makeup for school because I don’t have the time to re apply and faff around with lip products aside from lip balm when I am at school. However I do sometimes like to wear a little pop of colour on my lips so I have two long lasting products, firstly the Rimmel apocalips in celestial, I don’t use this too often but I like it for a pretty pink lip and it stains them slightly so is a little bit visible by the time I get to school but in a subtle way. I also have the Bourjois Colour boost in Red Sunrise which is a beautiful red shade but when blotted out looks a lot more natural and so I sometimes apply a little bit of this to my lips and smudge it with my fingers for an easy bright-ish lip. I have a shimmery pink lipgloss from No.7 which is really old, I am pretty sure this used to be my mums at some point but I have accumulated it and I’ve put it in here so that I can use it up a bit more because I do like it and feel like its been neglected. If I have done something fancier with my eyes or cheeks I don’t tend to use colour on my lips but use a lip balm instead, my favourite being the traditional Carmex lip balm which actually does moisturise my lips and I love it :)

So that is everything which is in my ‘in a rush’ makeup bag which is what I’ve decided to call it! I hope you liked it :) If you would like a review on any of the products for more details leave me a comment and I will review it for you.

Have a nice day!

Izzy xxx

Back to School Haul!

Hello everyone!

I know this is a little late as a lot of you have probably started school already, but today was my first day back at school and I for one was very nervous! I have now started year 11 which is rather an important year in terms of exams etc so the pressure is definitely on already! However one thing I love about going back to school is the fact that I have an excuse for my mum to buy me stationary! I know I am like such a little kid when it comes to new school supplies but I don’t care- I LOVE back to school shopping!

So without further ado here is what I bought to prepare for back to school :)


Here is everything put together and I know it looks like quite a bit considering I still have everything from last year but quite a lot of my stuff (such as my pencil case which had been thoroughly abused!) was not in the best condition  and all of this stuff I WILL use pretty much everyday so I am not trying to brag or show off or anything but I think this may be useful for some of you who still haven’t gone back to school yet and are looking for what to buy. I purposely didn’t make this a ‘back to school essentials’ or ‘whats in my school bag’ post because I know there are so many of them floating around the internet and so often they all mention the same sorts of things, so I am purely showing you what I have bought personally to hopefully give you some ideas :)


Firstly I just bought some of these white cardboard file holder type things (do they have a name!?) which I needed so that the shelf in my room which has all my school books on looks a lot neater and more organised. At the moment I have 3 on the shelf; one for last years books (as I need to keep them for revision), one for my new books and one for revision guides and text books etc. There were 5 in the pack so I still have 2 spare which I think is really good. Unfortunately I am not sure how much these were but they were from Ikea and I am certain they were only a few pounds (definitely no more than £5).


Like I said my pencil case which I used last year was not in the best condition (in other words me and my friends had drawn all over it!) and although I need a clear pencil case for my exams, I prefer to have a pretty looking pencil case for normal lessons… its just one of those little things that makes school life a bit nicer! So I bought this one which cost £4.99 from WHSmiths which is grey with cute green, pink, orange and blue owls all over it which I think are adorable! It also has a pink zip and a middle pocket bit which I find really useful :)

It was 3 for 2 on the ‘bramble wood’ selection so I also got these adorable highlighters which also have the owls all over them. They come in pink, purple and green and although they probably aren’t the best highlighters in the world, I really like them and I get through highlighters so quickly that it is worth buying them before I start the school year.


Like I said it was 3 for 2 so I picked up this A4 notebook which also has the matching owls on it (I do like my owls!) This will be extremely useful because it is lined and has holes on the side of the paper which is useful for when I have to do homework for a subject where it needs to go in a folder.


I constantly run out of pens throughout the year so I bought some to stock up! I got the papermate ones and I know so many people have a favourite type of pen but I am fine with any really! I do tend to use biros for school though just because they don’t smudge like inky pens and because I am left handed (fun fact for you!) that can often be a problem. There are 4 in a pack but I currently only have 2 in my pencil case so I am saving the other 2 for when these run out. These were on offer for 3 for 2

As part of the 3 for 2 offer I also bought some mechanical pencils in a pack of 10 which come in a range of colours. I tend to normally use standard HB pencils but if I cant be bothered to sharpen my pencils I prefer these as they are always sharp :)


The last thing I got with the 3 for 2 offer was a pack of Stabilo fineliner pens which I LOVE! These are really useful for revising with as I work so much better when everything is in colour and there are so many colours in this pack (there are 2 rows by the way) Also because I do Textiles GCSE I prefer to write in coloured pens in my sketchbook because I personally think it looks nicer and more colourful. These are actually quite expensive at about £20 but like I said they were part of an offer which meant that I got the pencils free, and I know that I will be using these a lot this year.

The next thing is a bit of a cheat because there not actually new but I hadn’t used them before so they kind of are! This pack of pencils from the consortium, I got in a pack which I bought from my school for Textiles which came with a load of arty things and this was one of them but I completely forgot I had them and so decided to use them for this year.


I also got a little pink rubber and a Pritt stick which comes in a lot more useful than you might think as I always seem to have loose sheets in my school books and so I have to glue them in. Also, again for textiles, I have a lot to glue in so this is something very important that I keep in my pencil case.


Finally, a book which I actually bought quite a while ago but only started last night, is ‘Geek Girl’ by Holly Smale. As I said I have only just started this so cant really give an opinion but so far it seems pretty good, a classic girly teenage book which I thought would be suitable for starting school as I think I am a bit of a geek at heart! Also the beginning is set at the Birmingham Clothes Show Live which I actually went to last December so it is relatable which is always good :) This book isn’t part of a series and as I just finished the Harry Potter series of 7 books (which I already want to read again and shall always want to read as I have always been such a huge fan and just freaking love Harry Potter so so much, but that is another story so I will shut up about Harry Potter now…)  I wanted a light easy read as I sometimes feel like if you start a book you have to commit to reading the whole series but sometimes that can get a little boring so I like to change it up now and again!

Anyway that is pretty much everything I have bought for back to school apart from my new bag which hasn’t arrived yet but it is a mipac and looks like this:Image

I ordered it from amazon and it cost around £22 plus postage and packaging. I cant wait for it to arrive but it said that it would be delivered within 1-2 months which if you are anything like me you will know can be a long time when you are waiting for something! None the less I am very excited for it to come and although it didn’t arrive in time for the first day back I will be really happy when it does arrive and I can start to use it!

Also I forgot to include my school shoes but they are just from Schuch and cost £28 nothing special, just plain black canvas type material, brogue style but not patterned with laces and inside they have a really bright Aztec pattern which is so cool!

I hope you have had a great first day back if you’ve started school already, if not good luck!

Thanks for reading :D Let me know what your favourite thing about back to school is in the comments!

Love Izzy xxx

August Favourites!

So its my favourite time of the month again… favourites time! I love the end of each month not only because the internet is flooded with monthly favourite posts which is a great opportunity to discover what everyone else has been loving and try out new products, but also because often it can feel like a fresh start, if you have had an unproductive or disappointing month you can try to change that around when it comes to the 1st! This is especially true for August going into September as it also means the start of a new school year which can be very exciting and also a bit daunting! Anyway I am here to add my opinion to the pile with my August Favourites :D 


I haven’t been very generous on the photos in this post because I don’t want to go into huge detail about each product (although I probably will knowing me!) but if you do want a proper review of any of these products then please let me know in the comments and I would be happy to.

Firstly I will start with the biggest, and this is my new Babyliss curling wand pro which is a conical wand (so it is thicker at the top and gets smaller) used to give your hair a beautiful wavy look, I love the fact that when I curl my hair with this it actually does look similar to the picture on the box which is very rare! Often I love how it looks in the picture and then when I try it… well lets just say its a bit of a disaster! I am definitely not a professional at curling my hair but this is so easy to use and comes with a little glove which protects you from burning your fingers *slowly covers up burn marks on hands* haha i’m joking but it does get pretty hot and I did manage to burn my thumb when I stupidly forgot to wear the glove which was very painful. I find that it takes about 10-15 minutes to curl all of my hair which is seriously good because normally it would take about 40 minutes to do it with straighteners and doesn’t look nearly as nice. It also has five different heat settings so you can alter it depending on your hair type, as mine is fairly thick I tend to use it on the two hottest ones. Also its only £25! £25 people!!! it is a serious bargain for such an amazing hair curler and I will definitely be using it a LOT.

Next I have loved the seventeen ‘backlash’ black gel eyeliner which I bought right at the beginning of the summer and was my first gel eyeliner. I bought this one because although the Maybelline one had been raved about I didn’t want to spend £8 on one when I didn’t even know that I liked gel eyeliners. I think I got this one for about £4 and because it was on offer I also got a free backlash mascara which is also an amazing product. There isn’t really much to say about this product apart from that it is really pigmented, lasts all day and doesn’t flake, fade or smudge at all! I prefer this over liquid liner because it looks a lot nicer but it does take a bit more time than felt tip style liners which are so easy and quick, because you have to use a brush but this may just be due to the fact that I haven’t had enough practise yet :)

I have been painting my nails A LOT over the holidays because my school does not allow it so I have to make the most of being able to! and two barry m nail paints which I have been loving wearing together are ‘mint green’ and ‘sour apple’ (from the confetti nail effects range). I think that they look so nice together and although I love classic pastels such as mint green on their own, the confetti top coat gives it a bit of a twist and makes it more interesting.

For my birthday I was given the real techniques starter kit for eyes and although I LOVE all of the brushes from the set, this one has stood out to me the most and it is the ‘deluxe crease brush’ which is obviously used to define the crease. This is the perfect size for contouring the eye and makes it so much easier and quicker than any other brush I own. I have only used this once for concealer under my eyes but again it worked a dream for doing that aswell so if your not a fan of contouring the crease than this can be used for a range of other things aswell!

The lipgloss I have used so much this august is actually a really old one which I have owned for years and is my go to clear lipgloss because it isn’t sticky at all and I just really like how it feels on my lips. As you can see it has gone a bit of a gross colour and I was a bit ashamed of showing it, but this is because I nearly always apply this over lipsticks and I just love the look it gives! I just realised I haven’t even said what lipgloss it is! It is just the clear lipgloss from Natural Collection so was really inexpensive at £1.99! I am pretty sure you can still purchase this even though mine is so old :)

The last two products are swatched below so that you can see the colours :)

So for Lipstick I am head over heels for my Topshop lipstick in ‘innocent’ which again I got for my birthday so is fairly new but I don’t think I have worn any other lipstick apart from this one! I don’t wear lipstick often and if I do I like it to be pretty subtle and blotted out, so this fits the bill perfectly as a wearable everyday colour. I did write about this in my last post which was a haul so you can read about it here: if you want to hear me blab on even more!

I never used to do my brows but this month I have been loving how they look when I use my real techniques angled brow brush to fill them in with this eyeshadow from MUA in the shade 19 matte which is a matte dark brown colour but isn’t as pigmented as it looks in the pan and so can be quite subtle or built up depending on how bold I want my brows. This was such a bargain as it was only £1! and I often use this in my crease as a go to simple eyeshadow look which also looks lovely :)


So there is everything I have been loving this month! I will be posting again very soon with a back to school haul so I know that is 3 posts within such a short space of time but I think of it as making up for all the time I missed from blogging and I am not sure how often I will be able to blog when I go back to school. I am planning to try to go back to my original schedule of every Saturday but we shall see when the time comes!

Anyway  I love you all and hope you have had an amazing August!

Love Izzy xxx