A big ol’ beauty haul! (A very chatty one!)

Well hey there! Long time no see I feel :(

Sorry I have been so rubbish at blogging lately especially as I promised to post more during the summer holidays… *looks away sheepishly* but I haven’t really felt the motivation to do it and as I believe I may have mentioned in my first post on here, I really don’t want blogging to become a forced thing, I want to write what I want and when I want to so that I don’t start to feel constricted to blogging on a certain day or just blog for the sake of it when I know what I am talking about is utterly pointless.

I am not a huge fan of reviewing products purely because I feel like I am not a beauty guru or any kind of professional and so I am not great at giving amazing product opinions, I don’t want to overblog and bore everyone with OOTD, NOTD or FOTD etc although I am partial to the occasional one (I don’t think I have done one on this blog yet.. that may be coming your way soon then haha!), I find it hard to do tutorials or show you how I do my makeup without videoing and if I wanted to do that I would be on youtube, I just don’t have the confidence for that sort of thing right now, so it is difficult to photograph it although I will try my best! And finally I don’t want to show off or brag in any kind of way by doing hauls left right and centre which is why I try to save it all up for one big one (which is in this post I promise, just let me get my rant over with first!)

So basically overall the reason I haven’t been blogging very well is that I have just been at a loss for ideas! The only blog posts I absolutely love to do are monthly favourites as they are my favourite to read and I like to think about what I have really loved that month and appreciate how good the products are.. you can tell that I am beginning to get excited as its almost time for the blogging and youtube communities to be flooded with them! and aside from monthly faves and hauls there really isn’t much I feel able to blog about :'(

But nevertheless that is another matter which I am sure I will be able to solve after going on a blog reading spree and gathering inspiration! So for now I have managed to gather up every beauty item I have purchased/ have had given to me (as it was my birthday the other week) over the past month or so (I think everything has been bought within the holidays anyway) and I am here to present you with a “big ol’ haul”!


***All Swatches of products are at the end!***


I don’t often buy hair products as I am much more of a makeup lover and I have to admit I never really make much of an effort with my hair. Don’t get me wrong I love how it looks when I curl it or make it look fancy but normally I am a huge fan of quick easy hairstyles for school and although I own a hairdryer I almost always leave my hair to dry naturally. Basically I just hate spending time on my hair! but I wanted that to change because so often I feel like my makeup looks great but my hair just lets my appearance down.

Anyway (sorry I keep going off the point) I bought two products from the VO5 range as I own some of their products already and love them. Firstly I needed a new hairspray and I am so glad I bought one because I got a hair curling wand for my birthday and you cant curl your hair without hairspray!  I also purchased the amplifying blow dry lotion as I wanted to see if it made a difference to how my hair looked after blow drying and I am not the best at protecting my hair so was pleased to see that this was also heat defensive *woohoo*  

Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that at the moment in boots they have a 2 for £5 offer which is great because both of these products would normally be between 3 and 4 pounds on their own anyway!

Image The most recent trip to boots resulted in a little splurge at the bourjois counter. To be fair I was spending birthday money so thought it only right to spend it on something a bit more luxurious than I would normally go for! also there was a 3 for 2 offer, I needed a new foundation and I was desperate to try the colour boosts so there are three valid reasons right there to justify these purchases!!!

Firstly I bought the healthy mix foundation in shade 52-vanilla because I wanted to try it out to see how it compared with my rimmel wake me up and match perfection ones which I had previously been using. Because my match perfection and bb creams are both a tad dark they have been fine for summer but now I am getting a bit paler I wanted something which matched my skin tone better and was appropriate for school, in other words not too cakey but with enough coverage to last all day. (I know a lot of back to school make up looks use bb cream or tinted moisturiser and that’s great but for me personally I prefer to wear a good coverage foundation as I feel like it needs to last longer and stay put.  Also my skin is not the best especially with all the stress of gcse’s looming! ok I started talking about foundation and now I am talking about exams.. so sorry I ramble too much!)

Like I said earlier I was desperate to try the new colour boost glossy lipsticks and originally I really wanted the shade ‘peach on the beach’ which I first heard zoella mention in one of her videos along with a load of other beauty gurus and then I went to swatch it and loved the shade (in case you haven’t come across it, it is a really pretty pale peachy pink perfect for everyday wear and my typically favourite lip colour). However of course when I actually went to buy it they didn’t have the shade I wanted! I had gone through the whole process of choosing the perfect foundation shade and the bronzer I wanted and so didn’t really want to put them back and wait til the next trip to boots which I knew wouldn’t be for a while as I am trying to save money and go shopping less! I instead just decided to take the plunge and go with the shade ‘red sunrise’ which is actually a gorgeous red. I don’t normally go for a red lip (although I do love how it looks on me I just don’t have the occasion or confidence to wear it!) but as this is more of a glossy lip tint which can be blotted out/smudged really easily to give a gorgeous pop of colour without being too much, I love it! I much prefer these type of hybrid lipstick- liptint type things (is there a name for these things.. please tell me if you know!)  because they are so much easier than lipsticks in application and wearability.

Lastly as it was 3 for 2 I was going to go for the chocolate bronzer.. a well love product which I am sure you have heard off! However, much the sucker for packaging that I am, I saw this beauty of a product: the deilice de soleil bronzer, which is a gorgeous natural bronzer which comes with a cute little brush and an amazing 360 degree spinning mirror which has proved to be super useful as it can bend back and forth and spin right around to any angle!

ImageOne of my best friends got me these 4 barry m nail paints as part of my birthday presents which I love! The shades (from left to right) are: ‘sour apple’ from the confetti nail effects range, ‘mint green’, ‘lemon’ and ‘black multi glitter’.

I love barry m nail paints as I find you need 2 coats but the colour payoff is excellent and they last a good while especially if you add a top coat :)


Some other things I got for my birthday, this time from my mum and dad, were some real techniques brushes! I love this brand and I already had the core collection which consists of four brushes all for base makeup, which I use every day but I had my eye on the starter kit for eyes for a long while as I didn’t feel like my current (at the time) eyeshadow brushes were quite cutting it. I didn’t have any fluffy brushes they were all flat and whilst that is great for packing on eyeshadow all over the lid, it was difficult to get good crease definition with them. The starter kit comes with five great brushes; (from front to back) the accent brush, the deluxe crease brush, the pixel point eyeliner brush, the base shadow brush and last but not least the brow brush. Now usually with a set of brushes there are a couple which I am doubtful that I would use often but with this one I absolutely love all of the brushes, I think they are so good and all do the jobs they are supposed to so well and it just makes life so much easier having good eyeshadow brushes!

As there was a buy one get one half price offer on at boots, I decided to also get the powder brush which is HUGE! literally takes up about half my face, but I love it as it gives an amazing dusting of powder, mattifying the face without making it cakey and I have also used this with the new bourjois bronzer for a less contoured more natural sunkissed look and it has been the perfect combination!


I have only ever bought a nail polish from the topshop beauty range before but I have always been keen to try out some of their makeup. I often hear about topshop lipsticks because they are supposedly made by the same people that make the mac lipsticks (do correct me if i’m wrong!) and although they are considered a drugstore product I feel like £8-£9 is a little steep for a brand which doesn’t specialise in makeup (does that make sense? like its a clothes store, not a makeup brand!) and one which I had never tried before. However one of my friends gave me a topshop voucher for my birthday and as there wasn’t much in the shop, clothing wise, that I desperately wanted and I had been eyeing up the lipsticks for a good few months now, I decided I would just risk it and get one! I chose the shade ‘innocent’ which is a pale Barbie pink colour (it doesn’t look it in the photo but it is a teenie bit brighter) and I also think it has a slight purple tinge to it. I really like the shade because although I like darker colours aswell I find it hard to find everyday colours, but this seems to fit the bill and is an easy colour to pull off.

Also my mum and dad got my this blush also from topshop (basically they gave me money to go and spend in town and then they gave everything to me on my birthday so I knew what I was getting but I didn’t mind because I really loved everything I got!) which costs £6 (I think!?) and is in the shade ‘pop’ which is a really bright coral colour but transfers onto the cheeks not as bright if you only use a little. I am not the biggest fan of blush and don’t use it everyday as I do love my contouring and I feel it can be a bit much sometimes to have bronzer, highlighter and blusher all going on unless I am going out or it is a special occasion, but sometimes if I am going for a more natural look I like to substitute bronzer for this to give a bit more colour to my face and brighten up the look :)


When I was in boots I also popped over to the natural collection range and bought myself a clear mascara which I mainly use for my eyebrows to keep them in place, but I sometimes use this on my eyelashes before I go to bed which may sound strange but it is supposed to condition my eyelashes and so I thought I would see if it makes a difference! This cost £1.99 so it was super cheap!

I also picked up one of their ‘cover up creams’ in the shade fair, because I have used up two collection lasting perfection concealers this year already and although I still have about half a tube left I feel like even though it only costs about £4 it can still get a little expensive considering how quickly it gets used up. So I bought this one as it cost £1.99 and I use this on days where I don’t have any obvious blemishes where I need a heavy coverage concealer, but I still want a little coverage and also if I am not going out or just popping to the shops and I don’t want to use up my lasting perfection one then this comes in handy.


I feel like these products have been far too used to be in a haul as I got them right at the beginning of summer, however I haven’t included them in my last haul and afterall I did get them during the holidays so its only fair! Firstly I really wanted to get the Maybelline gel eyeliner which I have heard recommended many times (mainly by the lovely Tanya Burr!) but it was around £8 and wasn’t sure , seeing as I had never used a gel liner before, whether I would like it or not. So instead I saw this one from seventeen and I think it cost about £4 (but i’m really not sure, sorry!) and it was on offer so that when you bought it you got a free matching mascara, not that I needed ANOTHER mascara but you know me and my offers! they just get me every time! I have used both of these loads since I purchased them and absolutely love them! The mascara gives lots of volume without making your lashes clumpy and the eyeliner glides on super nicely, lasts all day and is a lot easier to apply then I thought!


Finally the last thing, which I got given to by my grandparents (although I chose it) as part of my birthday present, is the bubblegum lip scrub from lush. I cant tell you enough how much I have heard this being talked about over the past year! I think I will use this more in the winter as that’s when I tend to get dry lips but I have used it a few times already and I love the feel it gives my lips of super softness and smoothness! This product is quite expensive for what it is, essentially just a small pot of pink sugar, as its priced at £5-£6, but as it was part of a birthday present it was a bit of a treat and something I wouldn’t normally buy myself.

ImageSwatches: (from top to bottom) Topshop blush in ‘pop’, Topshop lipstick in ‘innocent’, Bourjois bronzer, Bourjois colour boost in ‘red sunrise’

Thank you all for reading! Sorry this was such a long blog but I thought I would do a more chatty one as I feel like I haven’t spoken to you in ages! Let me know if you like my more chatty ones where I talk about why I chose the products and things like that or if you would prefer me to just say what I got and make it a lot shorter which I would be happy to work on :)

I have two or three more posts coming soon which I may write up later today or during the rest of the week and then post at different stages when I am back to school and have less time on my hands. One of them is my August favourites so that will be the next one up!

Love you all lots! hope you have had an amazing summer holidays if you are at school, or just had a lovely past few months if you are not! Speak to you all soon :) Izzy xxx

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