Sleek Au Naturel Palette.

Image *DISCLAIMER* Firstly I’m really sorry about the photo because I photographed my palette and then managed to delete them and I didn’t have the opportunity to take them again as I really wanted to get this up as quickly as possible as it is two days overdue already. The eyeshadows in this photo look completely different colours in real life but I didn’t want to review it without a single photo, so anyway sorry about that. :(

My favourite and most used neutral eyeshadow palette has got to be my sleek au naturel palette. I only own a couple of others but this one stands head and shoulders above the rest and I use it pretty much whenever I am using eyeshadows.

One reason for this is the pigmentation, some of these eyeshadows are immensely pigmented and that’s always a key feature with any worthy eyeshadow palette. However I am here to be honest and as much as I adore this palette there are a few disappointing shades which could be a lot more pigmented.

I have found that this palette is definitely split into two parts; the top row and the bottom row. The top row is full of all the lighter shades and the ones on the bottom are the darker smokier ones. This is great that there is a good mix of lights and darks making it a fantastic palette, however I find that although the darker colours are amazing for a smoky eye or a dark crease, the really light colours for example the matte white, grey and pale browns are not up to scratch with the pigmentation of the rest.

Saying that, there are colours on the top row which I absolutely love, taupe being my favourite of the palette which is a gorgeous salmon/champagne shimmery colour, perfect for all over the lid or in the inner corners as a highlight. For a more everyday inner highlight I use the matte white colour which like I said isn’t highly pigmented, this could be considered a good thing because it means it looks a lot more natural and not obvious which I like for my usual makeup.

Another feature which I think completes this palette really well is the matte black (‘noir’) colour on the bottom row which I believe is in all of the sleek palettes which I think is an amazing idea. It is super pigmented and I love love love using this as a natural looking eyeliner (by using an angled brush to line the top lash line) I think this on the outer 1/3 and crease of the eye looks stunning as a simple smoky eye and even bringing this underneath the eye creates a beautiful dramatic look.

There are so many combinations of looks you can do with this palette from simple to highly complex and for a night out or for school/work -this just works for everything. The packaging is lovely and sleek (hence the name) yet simple and could easily be slipped into your handbag and look subtle (not that I tend to carry around a load of eyeshadows.. but if you want to that’s cool) and this palette includes a really big mirror in it which makes it great for travelling.

I would definitely recommend this palette if you love your neutrals like me and want a mixture of matte and shimmer or light and dark eyeshadows. I believe these are available in superdrug but if not I bought mine from amazon or you could get it from ebay. They cost about £8 which I don’t think is too bad as mine is well used and loved!

I would love to get some more of the sleek palettes- if you have tried any you like please leave a comment as I would love to know :)

I hope you are enjoying the summer holidays if you are at school, if not I hope you are having a good summer anyway :D

My next post is likely to be a birthday haul as my birthday is on Saturday (which is when I normally do my posts so it wont be up til maybe Monday or after) and I have already received a few bits and bobs so if you want to see that then let me know!

I love you all <3

Izzy xxx


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