July Favourites!

Can you believe it is almost August already!? I can’t that’s for sure! It seems like only the other day I was writing up my June faves and I feel sort of bad that I have done about one post since then… oops :/

But I am back with my monthly favourites and because I am going to be a bit busy for the next couple of weeks (as I am going on holiday on Friday and when I come back I am having my birthday party and then my actual birthday and then family are coming down from London so it might be a little hectic!) I wont be able to post every weekend like I had planned however after about the 20th of August I have nothing to do so if I don’t manage to squeeze in a cheeky post before then I will make up for it with lots of exciting posts for you :)

Anyway after a little bit of a ramble I shall get on with sharing my current favourite products with you.

This month there was nothing which instantly stuck out to me as something which HAD to be included in my favourites… however when I looked through my makeup bag I found a few bits which I realised I actually used a lot without thinking about it. So here they are.


ImageFirst is a palette which I have had for a while and absolutely adore but I often forget to mention it so I thought that as I have used it a lot this month it deserved a special place in my favourites. It is of course the Sleek Au Natural Palette which has 12 amazingly pigmented neutral shades with a mixture of matte and shimmer eyeshadows. I think this cost about £8 and I purchased mine from Amazon (or maybe it was Ebay…I cant remember!) Which I don’t think is a bad price considering they are excellent eyeshadows, you get twelve of them, and they come with a little brush and a great sized mirror which is handy for travelling. Also this may sound sad but I love the fact that it comes with a little sheet with all the eyeshadow names on :’) It just makes them seem so much nicer and my favourites from this palette are ‘taupe’ which is the furthest to the right on the top row (this picture really doesn’t do it justice but it is a beautiful shimmery salmon/champagne colour-great for all over the lid), also I love ‘bark’ which is the third from the left on the bottom row (a matte dark brown colour- perfect for the crease and outer corner) I also like that all of the sleek palettes include the shade ‘noir’ which is a matte black which is really pigmented and perfect for a subtle eyeliner look. I think all of the shades in this palette look gorgeous together and I love to mix and match them to create a variety of looks. I have talked about this for long enough now so I will just say that I would definitely recommend this palette for anyone who loves their neutrals like me!

Image Another eye product (I have quite a few this month) that I have loved recently is the Maybelline colour tattoo in ‘permanent taupe’ which I actually purchased not that long ago (I believe it was about half way through the month) so I haven’t used it LOADS of times but I have reached for it on days where I want a simple matte eyeshadow look and I normally wear this in the outer corner, blending it into the crease, with a nude colour all over the lid. I also think it looks really nice with my barry m grey kohl pencil (which I was going to feature in this post but forgot to photograph.. silly me!) I have the colour tattoo in ‘on and on bronze’ which I love so much but I wanted a matte one and I think this was the only one I could find so I hope they release more shades because I think a matte brown would be really nice as I am not a fan of the bright blues and purples, and I know that this is such a popular product because it is so good and so affordable aswell.. only £5!!! If you have not yet tried the colour tattoos I would recommend them very highly as the ONLY thing I dislike is the colour selection (aside from the two I have and I also had my eye on eternal gold so I would say get those three if your not a fan of the brights!)

ImageMy next product is the mega volume mascara from MUA which is one of my favourite brands for cheap but good quality makeup. This was the first of their mascaras I have tried and I have actually had it a long time but haven’t used it much as I have other ones I prefer, however recently I have been trying to use up old makeup and I have actually fallen in love with this mascara which is perfect for separating lashes whilst giving length and volume- the perfect combination! It really fans out my lashes beautifully and I love this type of wand as it gets every lash individually so there are no clumps :D I think this is amazing for the price… £3.. I kid you not…. honestly…£3!!!

Image Image

Ok so this photo doesn’t exactly show the true colour of this lipstick but I didn’t realise until upload time so don’t judge ok! This lipstick is from ‘Look Beauty’ and it only cost £5 (originally £8). I don’t often buy products from this brand but I found myself wandering over to it in superdrug and noticed that everything was on offer (how could I just walk away!?) It is in the shade ‘petal nude’ although I really wouldn’t call it a nude colour, more like a baby pale pink. I think this is a perfect shade for everyday especially in the summer and it is so easy to apply and is lovely and creamy and moisturising :) I am definitely tempted to go back to the ‘Look’ stand next time i’m in superdrug!

Image Ahh the famous ‘Sleek contour kit’ (in the shade light) I had wanted this for soooo long and whenever I went to hunt it down it wasn’t there :'( But just as I was giving up hope in superdrug I saw it gleaming in the light as if it was calling to me…ok slight exaggeration… but as soon as I saw it I shoved it in my basket with a huge smile on my face and went over to the till to buy it. I now see what the hype was about as it really is a perfect duo. The bronzer gives a really pretty bronzed contour look but because it has no shimmer it looks very natural and the highlighter compliments it perfectly and is super pigmented. I love it and I think I have used it pretty much everyday since I got it which is why it definitely deserves to be in this post.

ImageAnd finally a nail product, this is the Barry M gelly hi-shine nail paint in the shade ‘papaya’ which is a well talked about nail polish and I love the colour of it which is an amazingly pretty pinky coral colour (again the camera hasn’t done this justice- it looks a lot less orange and more pink in reality) I wore this on my fingernails a couple of weeks ago and I now have it on my toes (which I need to redo as it has chipped a lot..) I lasted ages and I love the ‘gelly’ finish of it as it was super shiny and professional looking. This was £4 and I actually bought it from River Island but I know you can get it for £3.99 in boots and superdrug and wherever else they stock Barry M. I will be getting more of these as I love all of the colours in the range and I think they are worth every penny of that £4.


Swatches: Top= Maybelline colour tattoo in ‘permanent taupe’, Second= ‘Look Beauty’ Lipstick in ‘Petal Nude’, Third=Sleek contour Kit bronzer in ‘light’, Bottom= Sleek contour kit highlighter in ‘light’

So that is everything I have been loving this month beauty wise! I hope you liked it- let me know if you have tried/want to try any of these products and as always please leave any suggestions you have for future posts in the comments.

I think I might do the A-Z of my makeup bag next or maybe a dressing table/makeup collection tour… would you like either of them? Also I plan to do a couple of reviews as I have not yet done any on this blog yet so let me know if you have any products you want me to review :)

Thanks for reading <3

Izzy xxx


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