What’s in my makeup bag?

Hey everyone,

Sorry I have to write this post quite quickly so I will try to keep it short and sweet, basically this is me showing you what is in my makeup bag at the moment :)

Because I change up my makeup very often, I often just grab stuff from my drawer, however when I go away or if I just cant be bothered to try a new makeup look I just go straight to this bag which contains all of my favourite and most used products.Image

My makeup bag is from YSL and was given to my sister for Christmas years ago, however because she never really used it I kind of adopted it :D


My main foundation which I use pretty much everyday is the rimmel wake me up foundation, I talk about this way too much and I have a feeling it might have featured in a previous post on this blog already, but I love it and I will probably repurchase this as it is nearly running out :(

If I don’t want to wear foundation because perhaps I am having a good skin day or it is too hot etc then I always go for my garnier bb cream (for oily/combination skin in the shade light) I love this, my only problem with it is that although I have the lightest shade I wouldn’t say it is suitable for pale skinned people, however it is fine for me as I usually use it in the summer when I have a bit of a tan.

To apply both of these products I always use the real techniques buffing brush which I bought as part of the core collection kit. I love this brush as it is really dense and applies the foundations nicely and evenly without streaks or lines and really buffs it into the skin.


For concealer of course I use the collection lasting perfection concealer (in shade 2 light) which I have also talked about loads so I am sure you can find a review of this very easily if you haven’t tried this already- its so good!

The powder I use is the rimmel stay matte powder (as you can see I have hit pan which is so sad but this does last ages!) I love this powder because it really mattes the face and helps to prevent shine which is a real problem of mine so it is very useful!

To apply the powder I tend to use my brush from LyDia (a brand from ebay) I bought a set of these brushes from ebay and this is the one I use the most however it also came with a few eyeshadow brushes etc which I also love.


My favourite bronzer is the barry m natural dazzle bronzer which I use for school everyday as a contour. It is fairly subtle and you really have to get a lot of product on the brush to get pigmentation however this is sometimes a good thing as it means I cannot go over the top with my bronzer when I am in a rush! Also it looks really natural and so is great for school and just casual outings.

I am not a fan of blush as I have naturally rosy cheeks anyway so I don’t normally wear them however this one from chit chat (poundlands makeup -I know really expensive! haha) is really great because it is a super pale pink and more like a highlighter so I tend to use this on the tops of my cheekbones to add a little bit of colour whilst contouring aswell.

Also from chit chat, if I don’t want any colour on my cheeks just a shimmer highlighter, I use the highlighter in a little bottle which is great and lasts absolutely ages as you need the tiniest bit and it goes a long way.

To apply the bronzer and blush I always use the real techniques contour brush (also from the core collection) which is perfect for contouring the cheekbones and is a great size aswell.


Swatches of the bronzer (bottom) and the blusher (top)


I am obsessed with the Maybelline colour tattoos and if I don’t feel like doing a complicated eyeshadow with one of my palettes I always use these instead. I recently purchased permanent taupe (top left) which is like a matte grey, because I love on and on bronze so much! (top right) these are great as either bases or for in the crease and they stay for such a long time and don’t crease or fade much during the day.

Also I have an MUA eyeshadow in shade 17-matte which is just a matte colour which matches my skin tone and so I use this as a sort of concealer for my eyelids if that makes sense! I sometimes just put this all over the lid up to the browbone and then smudge a bit of one of the colour tattoos in the corner and into the crease a bit.


Some appaling swatches: top- on and on bronze colour tattoo, middle- permanent taupe colour tattoo, bottom- MUA shade 17 matte eyeshadow.


At the moment I have three eyeliners in my makeup bag, eyeliner is probably the thing I change up most in my bag (since taking these pictures I have already added a new one!) but I always have my liquid eyeliner which is from collection and is the extreme felt tip liner which is really inexpensive, easy to apply as it has a fine tip and pretty long lasting, this stays in my makeup bag at all times as it is sort of my staple look. I wear liquid eyeliner most days for school as I can rely on it took look good and stay put whereas with pencil eyeliners they can tend to smudge and disappear throughout the day.

However after saying that I do have two pencil liners also in my makeup bag. The Look beauty long last liner in ‘rock chic black’ and the MUA intense colour eyeliner in ‘jet black’. These are both standard black liners and I love to line my bottom lash line from the outer corner to the middle with one of these. I do this if I want more of a dramatic look or smoky eye but for everyday I stick with just the liquid eyeliner. I find that with the long last liner it is a lot more pigmented and very black however it tends to smudge a lot (it has a little smudger on the end which I don’t use very often as I prefer a defined line but it can come in handy when doing a smokey eye).


Left- collection extreme felt tip liner, middle-Look beauty long last liner, right- MUA intense colour eyeliner. *Please note that the liquid liner is running out slightly so don’t be put off by the fact that it doesn’t look very black in this picture!*


One thing I admit to having way too many of is mascaras, however I go through phases of using different ones. I always have a couple in my bag and often combine a few together if I want super long lashes. The two that I currently have in my bag are both from Maybelline and they are the ‘Great Lash’ in ‘very black’  which is amazing for separating and lengthening lashes whilst keeping them looking fairly natural, the other is the rocket volum’ express which was really hyped up when I bought it, I wouldn’t say it lived up to my expectations and I was disappointed in it to start with however I have grown to love it however now it is starting to dry up… typical!

DSCN9559 I also have the rimmel exaggerate undercover eye shadow primer which is just an ordinary eye primer, nothing special, this probably isn’t the best out there but it was a reasonable price and it does the job, helping to keep eyeshadow stay put for longer and not crease.

DSCN9561Some tools I keep in my makeup bag are of course eyelash curlers- a necessity! Tweezers and a brow brush are also in there aswell as some eyeshadow brushes from LyDia (the brand I mentioned earlier) I don’t know why only one was pictured but I have this one aswell as a slightly bigger one and an angled one as these are the brushes I tend to use the most for my eyeshadow.

DSCN9562 I have three lip products in my bag as I like to have a variety of shades available. The first is a lipstick from Look Beauty in the shade ‘petal nude’ which I would say is more of a pale pink than a nude but I love it and it is perfect for everyday wear. It only cost £5 (originally £8) and it is really creamy and quite glossy. The second is a MUA power pout in the shade ‘broken hearted’ which is a bright pink lip balm tint which I consider to be in the same category as the chubby sticks and Revlon balm stains- you know that sort of thing! Lastly I have an apocolips lip laquer in the shade galaxy which is more of a purple pink and is quite a vampy colour more suitable for winter however I love wearing the tiniest bit of this dabbed on to my lips and blotted so it gives a hint of colour without being too in your face :)


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