Superdrug Haul

Hi my lovelies :)

Today I wanted to post a haul as I went a little crazy in superdrug last weekend and spent way too much :/ I was going to do this last Saturday (when I went shopping) but I wanted to do my June favourites instead so I saved it for this weekend as I was busy during the rest of the week. (Oh yeah just to quickly mention that for the next 3 weeks I am quite busy with my catering exam, work experience and biology field trip but then I have 6 weeks off for my summer holidays so I will be posting a lot more then!) Anyway I will start with the haul now!


Starting with hair products…


Firstly I needed a new dry shampoo and I love batiste for this, I think their dry shampoo is great because it doesn’t make my hair look grey/white like some others do, and if I put a little too much in it is easy to brush out again. Also it literally makes my hair look so much better! I sometimes use it even when I have clean hair as it gives a lot of volume and texture. I decided to try this XXL volume one as my hair is naturally quite flat which I hate so this gives it a lot more volume aswell as improving my hair on those days where I just cant be bothered to wash my hair!

There was a 2 for £5 offer on the VO5 products so of course I took advantage of this and bought two sprays from the ‘give me texture’ range. As it is now summer I love the tousled wavy beach hair look which is hard to achieve with my straight hair. These two products claim to help achieve that look so hopefully they will do the job :)


There was another 2 for £5 on Clean and Clear products so I bought the exfoliating daily wash and the dual action moisturiser which have both had good reviews from other people so I am hoping they help to improve my skin, especially now that it is summer I don’t want to be wearing loads of foundation and concealer to cover up!

I also got a packet of nivea refreshing cleansing wipes, I really like these makeup wipes because not only do they remove my makeup well but they are really refreshing (hence the name) and gentle on the skin so they don’t irritate my eyes which some other brands do.


I felt like I hadn’t bought nail polishes in absolutely ages so I bought 4! I saw the barry m one (called Amethyst Glitter) a few days before and fell in love with it so I bought it at the weekend. It is a super glittery polish with turquoise, pink, gold and black glitter in it and it looks so pretty on top of nail polishes (I have worn it over a pink), I think it would also look great on its own.

Over at the NYC stand they had 2 for £3 on all of their nail polishes so I bought a bright orange one called ‘spring street’ and a metallic rose gold colour called  ‘enchanting fire’. I love these nail polishes as the bottles are fairly big and only two coats are needed for a good colour pay off.

The last one I got was from rimmel London and it is in the shade ‘black cab’ which only cost £1.99 which I thought was a great deal. I have wanted a plain black for a while even though it is quite a wintery colour, but I think it will look gorgeous with a glitter coat over the top.


For once I didn’t actually spend too much on makeup! I bought another Maybelline colour tattoo in the shade ‘permanent taupe’ which is a matte taupe/grey colour which only cost £5 which I think is so good for a product which lasts such a long time and is amazing overall. I have the shade ‘on and on bronze’ which I adore however as it is shimmery I don’t wear it on an everyday basis, on the other hand I feel like I could wear this new one to school or just casually as it is matte and not too obvious.

I repurchased the collection lasting perfection concealer in shade 2 light because my old one had run out :( I love this concealer and I won’t go into too much detail because I know that there are an awful lot of reviews on this but overall this is such a good concealer both for blemishes and under eyes.

Because it was buy one get one half price on Maybelline products and I had bought the colour tattoo, I also bought the Maybelline great lash mascara (so it was only about £2.50 -half price) I don’t think this is the best Maybelline mascara out there but it seperates and lengthens my lashes nicely.

The last makeup product I got was a lipstick from the brand ‘Look beauty’ which isn’t a particularly well known brand but I have an eyeliner from them which I really like so I thought I would try one of their lipsticks. I got the shade ‘Petal nude’ which is more of a pale pink than a nude but I really like it for everyday and I can get away with wearing this to school which is good :D It was only £5 instead of £8 aswell so that was a bargain!


The last three things I bought are a body spray from Charlie (called enchanted which smells delicious!), three hair bows which are actually from new look so I don’t really know why they are in this haul haha! and a pack of three stretchy black hairbands as I use these for when I wash my face at night/in the morning.

So that’s everything I bought last weekend :) If you would like a review of any of the products shown please tell me in the comments as I would love to do one which would actually be helpful to some of you.

Have any of you tried these products?

See you soon,

Izzy xxx

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