July Favourites!

Can you believe it is almost August already!? I can't that's for sure! It seems like only the other day I was writing up my June faves and I feel sort of bad that I have done about one post since then... oops :/But I am back with my monthly favourites and because I am… Continue reading July Favourites!


What’s in my makeup bag?

Hey everyone, Sorry I have to write this post quite quickly so I will try to keep it short and sweet, basically this is me showing you what is in my makeup bag at the moment :) Because I change up my makeup very often, I often just grab stuff from my drawer, however when… Continue reading What’s in my makeup bag?

Superdrug Haul

Hi my lovelies :)Today I wanted to post a haul as I went a little crazy in superdrug last weekend and spent way too much :/ I was going to do this last Saturday (when I went shopping) but I wanted to do my June favourites instead so I saved it for this weekend as… Continue reading Superdrug Haul