June Favourites!

Yay! It’s time for June favourites :D

I love the end of the month as I know that the blogging and youtube communities are covered with peoples monthly favourites posts, which is something I love reading/watching as I love hearing peoples opinions on what products they use. I also love doing my own as it gives me a chance to sort through my makeup and decide which products I have used and loved the most in the past four weeks. Anyway lets get straight to it!


My first favourite is the simple kind to eyes eye makeup remover. I always used to use makeup wipes to remove my eye makeup however I thought I would give this a go as a friend recommended it to me, and I really like it! It removes my mascara and eyeliner much more thoroughly than wipes and is a lot gentler aswell. The only downfall to this is that it means I get through a lot of cotton wool pads however I usually only need one side for each eye and generally a bottle of this lasts a lot longer than a pack of makeup wipes.


My favourite scent this month has been Charlie’s Enchanted body spray. Technically I only bought this about 2 weeks ago but since then it has been pretty much the only one I have used. I am not a massive fan of body sprays/perfumes and only really use them if I am going out, however I love the smell of this one and I feel like it is light enough to wear to school but nice enough to wear out aswell. I have about 7 Charlie body sprays and I think they are good value for money as they only cost about £1 and last quite a while.


Another fairly new product is the Barry M Natural Dazzle bronzer. I love this and again have used it every day since the purchase! I am a huge fan of contouring and I like that this is subtle enough to look quite natural and also as it is matte it is easy for everyday. I use the real techniques contour brush to apply this and because it is not particularly highly pigmented I have to really swirl my brush in it a few times to get any on my face but I think this is great for when I am in a rush (every day for school) because it is hard to go wrong with it and put too much on. Therefore it would be a great option for those that are just starting out with makeup and want something natural looking. I think this is slightly overpriced at £10 however I love the packaging and it has a great sized mirror on the inside aswell as a lot of product.


The rimmel Apocolips have been featured in pretty much everybody’s favourites at some point (I even think I may have put this in one of mine already!) but I can’t blame them-these are seriously good! I have the shade galaxy which is a lovely vampy pink/purple shade and I wish I had some of the others as they all look gorgeous! I have worn this quite a lot this month which may seem a little strange as it is now summer and this looks like a wintery colour, however I have often dabbed the teeniest bit onto my lips and blotted it a bit so it just leaves my lips with a subtle stain of colour which brightens up the face, I even sometimes mix it with other lip products. I love the finish of this and the lasting power is amazing. I would recommend them to you all as I think if you haven’t tried them you should give them a go. I do think they are a little expensive for a lipgloss but a lot of people think they are really good cheap drugstore products so it really depends on your budget.


This eyeliner has also featured in my monthly favourites before (on my old blog) and it is the Collection Extreme 24hr felt tip liner. I have had this for ages and use it almost every day, as you can see from the swatches it is starting to run out so I will have to repurchase it soon but I think it is definitely worth it  and it only costs £2.99! I have recommended this to both of my sisters and they have recently both bought it and love it :D It is so easy to use and you can easily draw a thin line aswell as a thicker line depending on how you like it. The pigmentation and jet black colour of this eyeliner is something else I love about it and so I would definitely recommend it to you!

ImageMy favourite brush this month has been the real techniques buffing brush which I use for my foundation every day. This will no doubt feature in my favourite products of 2013 if I do one as I have used it everyday since I bought it and I love it. It doesn’t leave any streaks or lines in my foundation application and it really buffs it into my skin well. It is super soft on the skin and due to the dense bristles it applies the makeup evenly onto my face. I bought this as part of the core collection kit however I am sure you can buy this brush on its own for about £10.


I don’t normally have nail polishes in my favourites as I cant wear them to school and so rarely paint my nails. However this month I have painted them a couple of times and these are the ones I love. First is Essie’s ‘Bikini so teeny’ which is a beautiful cornflower blue colour which I am in love with. The second is Barry M’s ‘flamingo pink’ which is a really vibrant pink colour (I currently have this on!) A couple of weeks ago I wore both of these at the same time and they looked so good together! I think both of these brands produce incredible nail polishes and barry m is especially good as it is reasonably priced aswell :D

So these are all of the products I have been obsessed with this June :) Have you tried any of them? Let me know and as usual leave any recommendations in the comments as I love trying new products.

See you soon :P

Izzy xxx


My top 5 base makeup products!

Today I am going to share with you my top 5 favourite products which I use for my base makeup..


Starting off with primers, my favourite is MUA’s undress your skin flawless skin primer which is priced at £5.


I felt like I should include a primer as I know that a lot of people use them everyday. However as I don’t feel like I need one that much I tend to only bother with a primer at the weekends of if I am going out. Saying that I do like the way that it mattifys my skin and keeps my foundation in place for a little longer, also it makes my face super soft after applying it!


My favourite foundation has to be the Wake me up foundation from Rimmel. This was the first liquid foundation I ever bought and I love it! I think it is a great medium coverage foundation but could be built up to high coverage if you layered it- I personally feel that one pump is enough to cover my whole face and give medium-high coverage. Something which I love about this foundation is the fact that it has tiny bits of glitter in it which gives a beautiful radiant effect which really makes you look more awake (hence the name!) I think it is a great shade for me (100-ivory) and I think they do a good selection of shades which are all priced at £5.99. I really want to try the wake me up concealer as well!  I think I will definitely repurchase this foundation when I run out as it has served me well :D


If I am having a day where I don’t feel like wearing foundation (usually for school) I find myself reaching for my Garnier BB cream (shade light for oily to combination skin). This doesn’t give as much coverage as a foundation would but it evens out my skin tone and reduces redness whilst giving me a nicer looking complexion. It has a whole list of things that it supposedly does on the box and I have to say I do agree with a lot of them which is great! The only thing I dislike about this product is that although I have the lightest shade it is still quite dark, I am not that pale and usually find it easy to find my shade however I would love it if they came out with a lighter shade as I think a lot more people would buy it.

This is normally priced at about £10 (which I think is quite steep considering the size of the bottle) however I bought mine from superdrug on offer for £6.66 -This offer is still on so go and grab one! (unless you are very pale then I wouldn’t recommend-sorry!)


The concealer I use everyday is of course the Collection Lasting perfection concealer (shade 2). I don’t think this surprises anyone and I am not going to review it as I know that pretty much every other beauty blogger has! So basically this is just a great concealer priced at £4.19. It is perfect for covering blemishes although I do find that it sometimes cracks under my eyes so it looks like I have a heck of a load of wrinkles! However this happens to me with quite a lot of my concealers so don’t let that put you off if you are considering buying this. Obviously the writing has rubbed off the packaging which happens to all of these concealers but the product itself works so well and lasts quite a while. This is the first tube I have had and it feels like I have had it for ages, I am only just running out of it (very annoying!)


Finally the powder I tend to use the most is the Rimmel stay matte powder. I have had this for ages and as you can see I have finally hit pan on it :( this has meant that I don’t use it everyday but usually only if I want my face to be really matte for a long time- I do have 3 other ones though which I use for school etc. I wish I had bought this powder in translucent because instead I got one which I feel makes my face look a bit orange (I didn’t even know the shade of a powder mattered so much when I bought it!) however if I only use a little of this it looks fine. I would recommend this powder if you also have oily skin and like to keep your face looking matte throughout the day :) This powder is priced at £3.99 which I think is a great price for a product which lasts such a long time and is a makeup bag essential.

So that is my top 5 base makeup products! Have you tried any of these products? Please comment if you liked this style of blog post (top 5) as I am thinking of doing one for lip products, eye products, cheeks, nails, hair etc! (obviously not all in a row!)

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Have a great day :)